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Neha Jadhav, purNad, Pune based Public Relations and Advertising Firm

Tuesday June 14, 2011 , 5 min Read

What is purNad?

purNad is an initiative to provide innovative solutions and services to clients in the field of Public Relations and Branding Ventures. Here, at purNad, we help our clients overcome these challenges and provide them with valuable perspective and a common denominator to interpret the potential effects and trade offs of various strategies and tactics of branding, specific to their requirements.

How is purNad different from other PR firms?

At purNad, we work on unique and innovative marketing strategies that focus on client centric approach instead of market centric approach in terms of solving our clients marketing problems and overcoming challenges.

How did the idea for purNad come about? How did you zero in on the name ‘purNad’? How much capital was required to implement the idea?

The idea of starting a Public Relations agency came into existence while I was attending a Public Relations Seminar by Public Relations Society of India and was trying to figure out the niche area that would excite me and would differentiate my work from the existing PR agencies in India. The Idea for purNad was later nurtured while I was working with various leading companies in India and Oman as a Brand Consultant (free lancer). I was looking for a name that could give the identity to our existing services and provide a ground for future plans. I want purNad to be a company that would provide the umbrella solutions to a brand for which there are 2 main factors in brand establishment Public Relations and Advertising and that’s how I chose the name purNad.“pur” from Public Relations and “ad” from Advertising. purNad is a home funded company and the initial investment was around rupees hundred thousand .

Tell us about your background.

My core interest is in Brand Management and I find it challenging to be the face of the corporate to its target audience. Developing content for external and internal communication strategies is of interest too. By qualification I am a B.Tech Computer Engineer from College of Engineering Pune and have pursued MBA in Public Relations from Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication. Have experience with leading companies from various sectors like Automobile, Information Technology, Corporate Social Responsibly and Real Estate across the globe.

Let us know about the tie-ups that you have.

Due to the high attrition rate in the IT sector in India, companies face a major problem of retaining resources and educating new resources about the policies, success, history, culture etc. of the company. For a leading global IT services and solutions provider company of India, we offered an innovative solution for internal branding of the company. The project had positive results and acted as a model for other centres as well.

Where do you see the PR industry and purNad five years from now?

Neha Jadhav

With more Indian companies getting a global footprint, an increasing number of Indian companies are finding that they can boost brand value that can leave many multinational companies behind. Due to this change in the thought process, PR industry in India is at a boom with more and more companies carrying out various methods of brand building to acquire maximum visibility. I see purNad a one of the leading PR agency in India providing 360 degrees brand solutions focussing on our niche areas of services like Internal Branding, Employee Branding and CSR.What is purNad’s revenue model? Are you looking at funding?

At purNad we capture profits and generate revenue by using Pay for Performance model. With Pay for Performance model the client has to pay particular percentage of his profit he has generated after the implementation of the marketing campaign. Performance may be measured using benchmarks or relative comparisons. Since purNad is a home funded company, I am not looking at any kind of funding at present.

What are the challenges that you face while delivering your services? How did you overcome those challenges?

One of the major challenges faced by PR professionals today is to convince clients to deviate from their conventional and unidirectional branding methods to a strategy where we use a mix of traditional and digital branding methods of brand establishment. We at purNad overcome these challenges by providing essential statistics and data to support our innovative solutions for our clients marketing needs/ problems.

How big is the team behind purNad? Are you looking at hiring?

Currently, I work as a sole proprietor. At the time of strategy planning of any marketing campaign I work with consultants pertaining to various sectors as per the area of focus according to clients requirements. At present I am not planning to hire anyone for full time but would like to work with consultants as per requirement. In future I would like to hire like minded PR professionals who can help achieve the company’s goal to provide best tailored custom solution to our clients marketing problems.

Let us know about your expansion plans.

Right now I am focussing on purNad’s niche service areas for Public Relations but plan to grow as one of the leading PR agency in India, providing 360 degrees brand solutions to our clients marketing problems.

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