Manage your Multiple Social Accounts with ‘Grab Inbox’

Manage your Multiple Social Accounts with ‘Grab Inbox’

Friday February 10, 2012,

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Struggling to keep track of all your social media accounts? Nischal Shetty, creator of the popular twitter application JustUnfollow, and his partner in crime Sameer Mhatre have created a new portal called GrabInbox that helps manage all your social media accounts, to ensure you don’t miss out on any of your important updates.

Be it your daily dose of Facebook gossips, or those crucial job updates from LinkedIn, GrabInbox allows you to customize your accounts with a clean interface and saves you the hassle of signing-in individually to each of your multiple accounts.

“If Gmail helps you keep track of email, GrabInbox helps you keep track of all your social media activities. Combine that with JustUnfollow to manage your Twitter relationships and we can say we have a product combination that makes you use us at least once a day", says developer Nischal Shetty. Both Nischal and Sameer are software engineers with over 4 years of experience in building web products and now run their company from a small apartment in Navi Mumbai.

GrabInbox, which also includes JustUnfollow, has over half a million users. Launched in 2010, JustUnfollow now has its target set on the coveted 1 million users mark. Nischal started JustUnfollow in his free time, which soon caught a lot of eyeballs and was profiled on popular tech blogs including TechCrunch.

“While managing all the replies we receive on our Facebook fan page and Twitter account, we realized there was a need for a new product that would help us do this easily. GrabInbox was a result of this need,” Nischal tells YourStory.

Nishchal is an avid traveller who hopes to visit at least one new country every year while Sameer spends most of his free time honing his CSS skills or solving algorithms and problems on Topcoder.

Nischal and Sameer were soon recognized by Start-Up Chile, a government funded program that encourages world-class early stage entrepreneurs to start their businesses in Chile and received about $40,000 for developing their solution.

GrubInbox‘s revenue model is structured around the freemium model, “but most users tend to upgrade to the Premium version as they love what they see in our free version,” comments Nischal, who assured that users will always be able to access to the free version.

The startup has a profit margin of around 80% on their revenues and has smartly worked towards cost minimization by going with smart cloud solutions like Google Appengine and AWS. They plan to launch a second version of JustUnfollow soon that will come with a fresh new UI and some of the most requested features built into it.

The dynamic Duo are now working towards relocating their development centre in India and hopes to reach out to more social media agencies, who manage social accounts of corporate offices and celebrities.

So, if your inbox shows multiple notifications pending from multiple social accounts, you may want to give a spin.

Author: Krishnakali Sengupta

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