Two Startups, and HiJobs, Aim to Make Recruitment Easier!

Two Startups, and HiJobs, Aim to Make Recruitment Easier!

Thursday December 06, 2012,

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The recruitment scenario in India is highly segmented. We have a few big players like Naukri and Monster taking up a considerable market share. Yet, startups are consistently exploring this space. We recently covered ILiftOff, a startup that aims to reduce recruitment time by over 50%, and HireRabbit, a SaaS startup, that targets recruitment via social media. And now we have and HiJobs attempting to leave a dent in this space. Getting the right candidate has been a tough job for big organizations and startups alike. Only time will tell which of these startups makes it easier.

Pursue.lyRecruitment portal’s USP is its ability to constantly evolve its product by adding small features to the site on a monthly basis. The founders embarked upon the journey as a necessity but realized what they have created has a larger market. All companies need to filter candidates from a large pool of applicants, but with you can do the same work smartly.

Jey Geethan, co-Founder, is a serial entrepreneur. While was working at ThoughtWorks, a global IT consultancy, the entrepreneurial bug bit him. Geethan started a consulting business called Invoscape Technologies by bootstrapping. Today Invoscape is in a growing phase and Geethan is very pleased with his efforts. Like with Yammer, the enterprise social network, and Geni (the parent company of Yammer), Geethan and his team were working on an internal feature for our company to consolidate their recruitment processes when the penny dropped and they decided to make a product out of the feature, and that’s how was born. “My main motivation has always been creating something out of nothing,” says Geethan. is a four-member team, with all having a technical background. Geethan and Rathan are co-founders of the company, who take care of the business aspects. They have a team of programmers who code day and night to enhance and hence ensure they are on top as far as evolvement is concerned. “We had a good traction from day one. Our current users are mid-sized companies who use to track and filter candidates from various sources. We have more than 500 companies registered and more than 3000 jobs posted using our app,” says Geethan.

Since job seeking is a onetime action for the job seekers, they do not need to come back to the site for more information. Therefore to give his customer base a reason to come back to the site, Geethan wants to add content to the site. This, he thinks, will keep the user on the site for a longer duration and make him come back. On a concluding note, Geethan adds, “We are one of the few recruitment platforms that give features for filtering candidates like in real life. We are also looking at automating the whole process to make it easier for employers to wade through hundreds of applications.”

HiJobsHiJobs’s helps companies hire by pre-screening candidates, administering online assessment [online test or video interview] prior to scheduling candidate for face-to-face meeting and on-boarding. This single platform works with interviews of all types — including in person, phone, online test and video interviews.

Chandrasekhar Buddha, CEO & Founder, HiJobs, is a technocrat residing inBangalore, Karnataka. His 16 year experience spans across software, sales & services, designing enterprise solutions like apps, infrastructure, e-Commerce, mobile and systems integration. Besides Buddha, the HiJobs team comprises 11 members across product development, sales and quality assurance.

Some of the core features of HiJobs are reduction in recruitment cycle from weeks to just few days, reduction in recruitment cost by 80%, confidential selection process, multi-country recruitment, automated prescreening, efficient screening, sharing the jobs on social media & networking sites, interview pipeline workflow automation, collaborative video and online test creation, video screening, reporting & analysis.

Check out’s and HiJobs’s Pages! Also, any startups facing hiring conundrums can visit the YourStory Job Board.

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