Kolkata based digital marketing startup 7Boats executes 250+ projects in a year

Kolkata based digital marketing startup 7Boats executes 250+ projects in a year

Sunday May 12, 2013,

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A look at the current “digital marketing” or “online marketing” market will reveal that it has experienced a parasitic growth, one that relies on other industries to flourish. Will such firms have seen the daylight, had the ecommerce or online tech firms not out grown a boom? Today, apart from the mammoths of this field a lot of startups have come up as well. These fledglings come with great promises to enable brands to make a mark on the online world.

Enter 7Boats, a “strategic internet marketing company” that specializes in Web Consulting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media marketing. It is an ISO 9001:2008 company with a global clientele.

Team 7Boats
Team 7Boats

7Boats owes its name to folklore and mythology, the famous 'sapta dinga', a metaphor for endeavors to unknown, uncharted territory. The number 7 has connotations in the ancient texts and is also the number of colors in a rainbow. “When we floated this company, our vision was very distinct: we wanted to break through the clutter of internet marketing companies. So, we had to do away with the generic 'info' or 'tech' or 'solutions' from our company name, as is the case for most internet marketing companies! 7Boats seemed like a nice way to announce that we are unique and different,” says Debajyoti Banerjee, Founder, 7Boats.

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of startups in this space, hence I pressed upon what set 7Boats apart. Deb, as Debjyoti is commonly known, said that 7Boats is unique in the way it deals with clients and projects. A 360 degree branding approach for online products and services is employed. They do not just stop at providing a service that is asked for, but get involved with their clients in the entire process of brand building (don't all such businesses do this?).

7Boats has executed more than 250+ projects in the last 1 year across 10+ countries. Few of their clients include Bengal Speech & Hearing, Taxmantra.com, Applied Innovative Technologies Inc. USA, Universal Trade Centre, Creative Hands Art Materials Pvt. Ltd., BeStylish L'oreal Salon, Consulting Tax Group USA, EcoCentricNow LLC, and PeopleSurance™ USA.

Today, Deb feels that building a better customer awareness program is still a challenge. With this he and his team would also want to work more on the customer support experience. Hiring has been a challenge due to lack of a large number of experts in the industry, but they hope to overcome that soon. “Along with it, budgetary constraints are often responsible why we cannot pick up more reputed/complex projects that require very sophisticated technology and know-how. Training our team members in the latest trends and technical matters is high on our agenda. But these are all in the 'Work under Progress' label and hopefully we will sort them out in the days to come!” says Deb, on a concluding note.

Do check out 7Boats for your online marketing needs!

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