Announcing food tech startup crowdpitch: come and dish out your best

Vinay Dora
8th Apr 2015
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F&B outlets in India, many startups themselves, are on the surge and making the most of our prosperous, young and active urban population, many with a larger than life appetite. Technology has not only added more meat to F&B offerings but also given more teeth to regular customers - who now have a host of platforms to air and share their views.

Today a mere online web presence doesn’t suffice, F&B outlets are made to increasingly engage with their users as well as explore more value-added services to gain an advantage. Right from on-demand food and groceries, recipe and restaurant discovery, to quicker orders, payments and delivery - the ‘Food Tech’ space in India is bustling like never before. The successes of the Zomato and FoodPanda have given new Indian startups a world of confidence – and the world to take notice of what’s hot in the Indian food space, besides the multitude of recipes and spices.

The Bangalore Crowd Pitch Challenge for food tech startups, a meetup co-organized by Catapooolt and YourStory, where startups will pitch to a connected audience (from seasoned investors to an empowered crowd), receive feedback and learn more about leveraging communities will be held on April 13th at Big Pitcher, Old Airport Road, Bengaluru. This meetup will see 15+ food tech startups, each pitching within a timeframe of 3 minutes.


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To attend the meetup and get access to some of the latest food tech developments, you will need to pre-register and pay Rs 900 at the meetup venue (dinner and drink options will be provided). All attendees will be empowered with virtual voting access to rate the presenting startups. The startups with maximum votes from the crowd along with points from an expert panel of judges - will be adjudicated the winners.

If you are a food tech startup & want to apply to pitch at the meetup, please fill your details here and we will get back to you. 

This Crowd Pitch is intended to benefit those keen on understanding the latest technology trends in the F&B industry. This meetup can also appeal to those evaluating and keen on starting up in the food tech space, giving them the insights they might be looking for. The rest of us may want to attend because we are intrigued and passionate about startups and entrepreneurial talents, and want to network with the community. To be part of the meetup, please fill-up this form and we will get back to you by Saturday 11th April.

Here’s a look back at the previous Bangalore Crowd Pitch Challenge meetup:

LabInApp’ was the overwhelming winner of the previous challenge. This ‘3D Virtual Laboratory Tool’ startup received top points from both the judging panel as well as the crowd. The company since then has been going places, having recently emerged winners of the StartEdu competition by Unitus Seed Fund.

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Benefits for startups:

  • Feedback from seasoned investors
  • Gauge crowd and potential customers interest
  • Win prizes, crowdfunding credits and other rewards
  • Opportunity to meet investors, mentors and community influencers

Benefits for delegates:

  • Access to some of the most fresh startup ideas
  • Engage with entrepreneurs and investors from their domain
  • Active participation by voting on all startup pitches
  • An evening to unwind and network with food and drink


When: April 13th, 2015

Where : Big Pitcher, Old Airport Road, Bengaluru

Want to attend? - Register here

Want to pitch at the meetup? - Fill in the details here & we will get back to you by Saturday.

For any queries, please write to or and we will get back to you.

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