Competing with Honeywell, Siemens and Bosch, SecurAX offers cloud-based model to enable plug-n-play security solutions

Competing with Honeywell, Siemens and Bosch, SecurAX offers cloud-based model to enable plug-n-play security solutions

Tuesday April 14, 2015,

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With more information comes more power and with more power comes a greater need for security.

SecurAX Tech Solutions is focused on assisting clients to identify and mitigate security challenges. SecurAX provides RFID, biometric, surveillance and fire safety solutions. Recently, they developed a cloud-based offering to enable plug-n-play electronic security solutions. This model has helped companies reduce overhead costs, drive in synergies between disparate systems and centralize all their data that can be accessed and updated constantly and automatically.

Core Team Picture(Clockwise) -Deepak Belavadi, Vinod Kumar, Saksham Chaturvedi, Vimal Mohan, Obula Prasad, Krishnamoorthi, Prasanna Kotha, Chandan Sharma, Preeti Avadhani, Pragati S

Prasanna Kotha, Praveen Reddy and Deepak N Belavadi founded SecurAX after more than 15 years of working at Infosys. The idea arose after a casual conversation with friends about opportunities that lay in the electronic security space. The sector was so interesting that the trio decided to float their own venture in March 2012. SecurAX has grown to 75 employees across Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Dubai and has an annual turnover of close to Rs 7.5 crore.

What makes their solutions stand out?

The founders at SecurAX believe that their venture provides effective, efficient and pertinent solutions at competitive prices compared to behemoths such as Honeywell, Siemens and Bosch. The fact that their software solutions can integrate hardware from various providers helps SecurAX offer a greater degree of flexibility in their services. Bigger companies use their own proprietary software which means security solutions aren’t as flexible. SecurAX is thus, a one-stop shop for all brands and solutions.

Founders(Left to Right) - Deepak Belavadi, Prasanna Kotha

The cloud-based security solutions are powered through broadband/GPRS and therefore no cabling is required. SecurAX assembles the hardware as required and builds relevant software internally. Their software is configurable with all corresponding devices – reports and transactions can be downloaded on a real-time basis.

The multifaceted SecurAX team has proven and distributed expertise across domain, technology and execution enabling unified and high quality customer experience.

Why is SecurAX relevant?

The security industry is riddled with too many fringe players. Projects in this industry are typically tackled by relatively inexperienced engineering graduates or non-qualified incumbents with limited capabilities. Equipment is easily available in the market with pre-loaded software that cannot be modified or customized. SecurAX offers proven systems integration capabilities and works closely with their customers across various industries, including large players in e-commerce, IT, retail and healthcare. Some of their notable customers include an IT bellwether, e-commerce giant, top taxi aggregator, large healthcare group, Dubai-based insurance conglomerate and a leading fashion retailer.

Management team(Left to Right) - Deepak Belavadi ( Co-Founder & COO- Indian operations), Obula Prasad ( VP - Service Delivery), Prasanna Kotha ( Co-Founder & CEO)

Macro trends such as the development of smart cities, increased government spending in infrastructure or the creation of large data centers will foster the need for more electronic security and automation. The team at SecurAX believes that they are well-equipped and aptly positioned to handle increased demand for their services and can offer a significant value addition through their technology based solutions, including offerings on the cloud.

 What does the future hold for SecurAX?                    

Praveen Reddy ( Co-Founder & COO - Middle East operations)

By 2018, SecurAX plans to expand their service base to 25 cities in India and eight cities in the Middle East to cater to the large Indian and Middle East markets. Towards this expansion, SecurAX is seeking Series-A investment from VCs to the tune of USD 12-14 million.

The founders believe that the key to their success is constant innovation with increased technology adoption. Providing “Plug-n-Play electronic security solutions” on the cloud was just the first step. The next is to build IoT based electronic security solutions platform – an example: Fire incident triggering a sound/visual alarm, automated notification sent to the police and/or fire department, automated CCTV footage broadcast and disarming the access control for the affected area. All the while, data is being backed up in a secure central system that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

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