4 fantastic YouTube tutorials for product photography 


Whether you’re a home baker trying to sell your breads and cakes or a jewelry or clothing store owner who wants to sell your wares online, your foremost task is to click appealing pictures of your products. A good product picture not only increases your sales but also gives out clear details about the various features of your product. But, a wrong set of pictures can tamper your sales and other branding-related activities.

If you are starting up your business with a small personal fund and cannot afford to hire a professional photographer for your product shoots, then all you need to have is an open mind. Yes, that’s right! There are several tutorials available online through which you can learn to click a good product picture with minimal equipment. Sometimes, even an iPhone would do.

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Here are a few tutorials which will help you acquire a new skill that will surely enhance your business.

Snap Snap Snap

This channel was started by professional photographer Jack Hollingsworth, who contributes effectively on topics related to iPhone photography. In this particular video, he talks about how you can take wonderful small product photographs with just an 8-megapixel camera iPhone. He also talks about various techniques, colour schemes, angles and even explains the difference between shooting outdoors and indoors. Jack doesn’t get into too many technical details, which is perfect if you are a beginner.

Cam Crunch

Did you purchase a DSLR long ago on an impulse without ever putting it into proper use? If so, it’s time to dust it up and start with a beginner photography course online. Cam Crunch is a community where you can find some great tips on using your DSLR and also on how to edit your photos. And, if you are contemplating on buying a camera, you can find tips that will help you buy the right one, too. You can also follow their blog, which is an extension of their vlog.

Perth Product Photography

On this channel, you can learn how to work with products like wine bottles and learn about becoming a professional photographer. You can also find useful information about using a tripod and how to play with lights. This channel is run by a small group of Australians, who are into commercial product photography. They help you focus on the smallest of details and make your product look like they’re worth a million.

Holly Casto

This channel, run by designer Holly Casto, has another interesting take on capturing a product photo with an iPhone. Apart from this, she also vlogs on interesting subjects like setting up your own shop, using social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and so on. Her advice is pretty straightforward and extremely useful.

Although, learning photography can be a time-consuming task and takes a lot of practice, the end result can be totally worth it. If you know of any other channels which can help entrepreneurs shoot their products better, please let us know in the comments section.

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