5 things travelling alone can teach you about entrepreneurship

5 things travelling alone can teach you about entrepreneurship

Saturday September 17, 2016,

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No two travel experiences will ever be same, but the principles are common and can be learned and adapted to and can eventually change your life. Solo travelling can teach you many things, and these learnings can often translate into practical lessons that can be applied in everyday life and even your business. Entrepreneurship involves a lot of travel, and this can be a competitive advantage for the company. Apart from this, here are certain things traveling will teach you about entrepreneurship:


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Learning about new cultures

We can become so accustomed to our surroundings, home and society that we often actsubconsciously, without thinking about whether our actions arehelping us grow or not. Embracing other cultures and ways of living can broaden our lifestyle views. Similarly, at your work place, you will encounter people from different cultural, familial and other socio- economic backgrounds. Whatever way best suits your co-workers in learning, always find creative ways to communicate. If need be, tailor each person's instruction to his best way of learning – just as you'd do on a foreign trip.

Trusting yourself and your decisions

Until you travelled alone, you may have beenunaware of how much you relied on others rather than on yourself. Trusting your inner intuitions and what you think is best for your organisation will helpyou make the best decisions and also ensure a sound mental and physical health.At the same time, your team will be a part of your decision making process. Soinvolve them, seek opinion and decide the best.

Creative problem solving

From missing a flight, to forgetting to carry your essentials, to a cancelled booking you never took notice of, there are so many problems that crop up once you actually begin your travel, and most of the timeyour survive them with your creative problem solving skills. This might include getting a cheaper deal on your next flight to a finding a much better or cheaper hotel for your stay. Your business problems will be a lot more serious and threatening than your travel problems, and when you do face them you can always apply creative thinking to help you solve them.

Being purely self-dependent

Your business will many times leave you in spot where you are the only decision maker and your final say might affect what happens next. Sometimes, we don’t realise how much people can influence us in our everyday life, whether it’s our family, friends, partner, colleagues or just our social surroundings. We do this to the point where we pay more attention to others’ opinions over our own. Travelling changes that for you.You become accountable for your own decisions without feeling bad or wondering about people’s opinion about it.

Building a community

Travelling alone can be a lot of fun since you get to understand yourself better, but it can get boring as well.Hence, you might join travel groups, get an Airbnb on sharing or hitch hike and make like-minded friends on the way. This applies to entrepreneurship too. It's not a path you travel alone. You want to build a team of like-minded and variously talented people to help drive the business and make the journey exciting and fun all the way.

The best way to harness these invaluable travel lessons is to actually travel and learn from your own experience. Bring these lessons back home and apply them to your business. Then sit down, maybe grab asnack and watch your business fly!