How to create a successful infomercial

How to create a successful infomercial

Tuesday February 28, 2017,

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From seller being the king, we moved to a world where the buyer was the king. Now the trends have changed again and we live in a world where content is the king. There is so much content centered around a product or a service. From its description to its uses and to its reviews, it’s endless.

Image : shutterstock

Image : shutterstock

Content forms the basis of infomercials. The web is full of information on why a product/service is needed. It is, in fact, interesting how infomercials have the amazing ability to sell normal, everyday products like fruits, kitchenware, and grocery items and make them seem like the solution to all your problems (Problems which sometimes don’t even exist). The creatively designed animation, content, message, and testimonials induce the target audience to feel the need of the product and make them buy it eventually. A perfect example of infomercials is Network 18’s 24-hour channel, HomeShop 18.

While infomercials are an easy way to bump up the top line, it takes time to build impressive, thoughtful, and engaging infomercials. Here are few factors to keep in mind while creating a successful infomercial:

The problem

Writing infomercials is no different from writing a super hero movie. Every product is a solution to some problem, latent or overt. Feel free to explore and explain the problem first. Penetrate deeper and discuss with the audience what would be the consequences of unresolved problems.

The solution

This is where you bring your product into picture and talk about how it is the best solution to the problem. Stress on quality and affordability, and how it is better than that offered by your competitors.

Call to action

Do not forget to add a clear, crisp, and immediate call to action. Induce scarcity and create an environment where the product becomes irresistible.

Do not overdo

The most important aspect of a successful infomercial is to be absolutely genuine. Naturalness is the key. Sometimes the performers overdo it or the message is way too haughty. Create a personalised communication and not a reality show.


Nothing sells better than the word of a previous user. When an infomercial speaks too nobly of a product, the viewer starts to second guess. As a marketer, one needs to prove that the solution really exists and it’s tried and tested. Testimonials are a nice way to present to the potential consumer that people ‘like them’ have used and benefitted from the product.

Remember to make the audience feel conformable. All the above points with a respectful, consistent and catchy message which resonates with the audiences- is your formula for a successful infomercial.