This short video will remind you that following your heart is the right thing to do

This short video will remind you that following your heart is the right thing to do

Tuesday January 09, 2018,

2 min Read

We all have to make life-changing decisions at some point. It could be something as simple as changing a job, or something more significant like starting your own business, moving cities or maybe even countries! Regardless of the magnitude of the decision, there are always two choices that you’re battling with - one that your mind is pushing you towards and another that your gut instincts tell you to pick.

The struggle to choose between two equally tempting options, hoping that we pick the right one, is something most of us can identify with. While the adventurer in us would love to snub conventional logic and societal pressures to pick the wild, off-the-beaten-track option, not many do that. But what we don’t realise is that following your heart comes with its own set of advantages - there is no room for regret, you get a chance to discover yourself, it helps you understand what is right for you, you learn to trust your intuition, and you stop overthinking and over-analysing things.

When you’re at the crossroads, going through an internal tug of war between what your heart wants to do versus what your head tells you to do, practicality often trumps emotions. But if it doesn’t feel right, if it doesn’t bring you contentment, is it worth being practical at all?

In this four-minute video for the Oxemberg #MakeYourMove initiative, noted writer and now entrepreneur Jubin Mehta talks about his journey and explains how decisions are dependent on how you feel from within. He believes that people need to stop wasting time in analysing their choices, and just go with their gut instincts instead. After all, it’s about feeling right from within. If your decision doesn’t make you feel that way, then there’s probably a different path that’s awaiting you. It’s the best way to find your calling!

Maybe things won’t work out and you’ll have to start all over again. But at least, you’ll know that you gave it a shot. You focused on what really matters to you, rather than giving in to societal norms. And that has to count for something.