Bots and agents can work together to create happy customers. Discover how at the YourStory-LogMeIn meetup

Bots and agents can work together to create happy customers. Discover how at the YourStory-LogMeIn meetup

Wednesday July 18, 2018,

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If businesses could choose superpowers, one of the top choices would definitely be the ability to always deliver an amazing customer experience. However, all too often, rather than being heroes in the eyes of their customers, companies are perceived as ‘zeroes’ due to poor customer experience. And to make the problem worse, they struggle to keep up with the ever-changing demands of consumers and the ever-increasing investments on customer experience technologies by large, market leading competitors. Companies are left asking themselves:

  • How can we engage better and more smartly with every customer at every touch point to achieve better outcomes?
  • How can we handle complex customer problems with simple, effective and timely solutions?
  • How can we cost effectively leverage cutting-edge technology such as AI to achieve the richest possible understanding of each customer?
  • How do we ensure that the superior customer experience we are offering can keep pace with the changing times?

Human and AI integration to the rescue

One company that has been working to help answer these questions is US-based LogMeIn. Headquartered in Boston, LogMeIn is a global public company that offers solutions for Customer Engagement & Support, Collaboration, and Identity & Access Management. The SaaS and cloud-based provider for remote connectivity services believes that fostering simpler and more effective connections between people and the world around them can lead to better outcomes for everyone involved.

In this journey, they’ve come up with Bold360, an AI self-service software that helps make the interaction and engagement with customers more intelligent and insightful. Bold360 makes any company look like a customer experience super-hero, irrespective of its size.

LogMeIn believes that bringing harmony to human intelligence and AI bots helps companies get closer to their customers while also delivering better customer outcomes at a lower overall cost. Which is why Bold360 combines AI and agent interaction solutions onto a single platform. The Bold360 solution helps businesses connect to their customers via a combination of chatbots, digital self-service, or live agents. The advantages include:

A seamless integration between agents and bots: During agent interactions, bots recommend content in real time for a more effective resolution, and also handle routine customer interactions, which frees up agents for more complex or high-value work.

Faster time to results: The AI-powered solution can identify friction points and gaps at a faster pace, thus enabling businesses to get insights and act sooner.

Proven success at scale: Numerous companies in India are already utilising this solution across chatbots, in mobile apps, in smart FAQs, and throughout the customer journey.

Ease of use: A single-dashboard, responsive design, and intuitive UI are only some of the features that make it easy to use and effective.

Find out more at the multi-city meetups

If you want to learn more about how AI can transform your customer experience, then here’s your chance to discover first-hand what it can do. LogMeIn, in association with YourStory, is coming to your city to share more details about how this innovative platform works, and how you can implement it across your organisation to derive the best results. The meetup will also feature expert speakers in the field of AI and customer interaction.

If you are a senior business leader from an established company with an employee strength of over 3,000 and are working in the BFSI sector, e-commerce and online space, or in the IT sector, then this is just the event for you.

So whether you are looking to understand How AI can help you explore new paths to reach your customers, or want an every day, every way AI solution for your business, do drop in at the meetup.


July 27Mumbai
August 22Bengaluru
August 30Chennai
September 11Hyderabad
September 18Pune
September 20Delhi

Time - 6:30 pm onwards 

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