These coworking spaces in Mumbai are perfect for independent professionals

These coworking spaces in Mumbai give professionals a place to either work independently or collaborate with others, that helps them in the long run.

These coworking spaces in Mumbai are perfect for independent professionals

Saturday July 13, 2019,

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Top 12 Coworking Spaces in Mumbai for Independent Professionals.
Dave Chappelle's“Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions”, has become a trend, not only on social media but in real life as well.

Small businesses, startups or freelancers, who couldn’t afford a workplace, look for shared office spaces rather than spending on office infrastructure. From conducting interviews and business meetings to organising big events and workshops, coworking spaces are of great help to entrepreneurs, especially in Mumbai.

Being the hub of financial activities, the city attracts businessmen from across the nation, thereby encouraging them to look for the list of top coworking spaces. 

Shared workspaces in Mumbai give professionals a place to either work independently or collaborate with others that helps them in the long run. Under an affordable budget, professionals get meeting rooms or desk spaces for a day, months, or years on rent.

Along with facilities like Wi-Fi connection, CCTV, printer, fax machine, etc, coworking spaces offer pantry, cafeteria, gaming area, and more, thus, take care of everything in need.  

Given here is the list of top coworking spaces in Mumbai, shortlisted to deliver the best and creative working environment to you:


coworking spaces in mumbai

Known for providing a creative and productive environment, WeWork is reckoned as one of the best coworking spaces in Mumbai to grow business. 

The beautiful office shared spaces are thoughtfully designed to meet everyone’s needs. The regular flow of refreshments, modern meeting rooms, and amiable WeWork assistance are a few perks to count. 

Additionally, there are network building opportunities as WeWork global community has more than 4,00,000 members across the globe.

No matter whether the requirement is personal or professional, WeWork helps to take your venture to the next level.


  • Hot Desk starts Rs 5,000 per month
  • Dedicated Desk starts Rs 12,000 per month
  • Private Office starts Rs 17,000 per month


  • Limitless micro-roasted coffee and fresh fruit water
  • Hassle-free booking of an office desk for a day or a meeting room for an hour
  • Health insurance, gym membership, accounting software at low costs
  • Free bike storage 


coworking spaces in navi mumbai

91springboard breaks the boundaries and opens the gate of opportunities for startups and freelancers. It is one of the biggest coworking office spaces in Mumbai, where members get more than just a working space. 

Events like workshops and seminars, help learners acquiring new skills while entrepreneurs community introduces coworkers to share and learn new ideas. 

Services like legal help, cloud computing, and accommodation at discounted prices - sometimes free - keeps one hooked to 91springboard always.


  • Private cabins - Rs 10,200/month
  • Dedicated desk - Rs 9,000/month
  • Part-time desk - Rs 6,500/month
  • Day pass - Rs 649
  • Student desk - Rs 3,800/month


  • Perks like free office space for 30 days
  • High-speed WiFi and ethernet cable
  • Access your desk anytime as 91springboard opens round the clock
  • Coffee and tea are on the house
  • 91Cafe is an added bonus where meals are served hot and fresh to calm your grumbling stomach any time

The Playce

cheapest coworking space in mumbai

Those who are looking for the cheapest coworking space in Mumbai, The Playce is the destination. Understanding the requirement of freelancers, startups, and small businesses, it provides convenient working spaces and resources at pocket-friendly prices. 

The Playce is 5,000 sq ft coworking space where like-minded people sit together at plug-n-play shared workstations.

There are dedicated cabins for small startup teams as well as individuals, conference halls for small meetings, and a fully equipped kitchen to prepare lunch. 

Would you find any place better than this? The answer would be no, for sure.


  • Dedicated workspace starts from Rs 7,150 per month
  • Team desk’s starts from Rs 6,050 per seat/month
  • Private cabins starts at Rs 20,000 per month


  • Enjoy virtual office service, inclusive of mails and deliveries, at an economical price
  • Keep your belongings secure with dedicated lockers
  • Enjoy discounted tickets to events 
  • Before becoming a member of The Playce, schedule a trial for free

Redbrick Office

best coworking space in mumbai

The list of Mumbai coworking space is incomplete without Redbrick offices. It is not only a working space but a community when professionals come across innovative ideas, acquire skills and interact with other coworkers. 

From an early-stage business to leading co-operates, Redbrick is everyone’s favourite for economical office space packages.

Whether the requirement is of an administrative office, business, backend process, call centre, or process outsourcing, trust Redbrick for a convenient and affordable shared workspace in Mumbai.


  • Private offices are priced at Rs 15,000/month
  • Super offices and enterprises are available on request only.


  • IT support, whenever required, is available at the ready
  • LCD/Projector for meeting and conferences
  • High-speed internet connection, get your hands on telephone connectivity
  • Engage socially with other people at events


coworking office space in mumbai

What is an ideal surrounding for a freelancer or a startup? The place where fresh minds, full of enthusiasm, share ideas and believes together. Workafella, one of the leading shared office spaces in Mumbai, brings you a working space that opens the door for new opportunities and discoveries.

From comfortable workstations to meeting rooms to presentation tools, events, workshops, and seminars, Workafella is definitely a plus for your business. Take your venture to the next level after becoming a part of Workafella community.

Price: Available on request.


  • Free installation, setups, and exit fees
  • Open 24x7
  • Iron and shower facilities to keep you ready for instant meetings
  • Housekeeping maintenance

Ministry of New

coworking spaces in mumbai

Independent professionals who want to be a part of a creative community can count on Ministry of New for a collaborative workspace. Being one of the top coworking spaces in Mumbai, Ministry of New provides luxurious conference rooms to its members.

Understanding that the need of a person differs, depending on the line of work, the Ministry of New offers a variety of memberships.

Whether you are a creative freelancer, consultant, social entrepreneur, or CEO, pick the one that suits you the best. Working hours at Ministry of New were between 9 am and 9 pm.


  • Rs 800/person/day
  • Rs 5,550/five days
  • Rs 40,000/month for four members. 
  • Monthly membership Rs 19,500 for one person


  • Pet-friendly
  • Mail handling and locker storage service at reasonable cost
  • A creative community with access to exclusive events
  • Real-time assistance from Relationship Executives


coworking spaces in mumbai

A workstation is not limited to office desks only. At ZoomStart, you come across provisions at an economical price range. It is that coworking space in Navi Mumbai where concentration meets collaboration and results in creative and new ideas. 

ZoomStart offers pick and drop facility, funding support, free goodies, and more that you will never find on any similar platform.

For the same reason, it considered as an ideal place for small businesses, startups, and individuals.

Price: A dedicated desk starts at Rs 5,000 per month.


  • Funding support to keep your business running
  • Meetings and events becomes interactive in an audio-visual room
  • Rooftop cafe
  • Housekeeping and in-house courier services



Looking for an accommodation for small teams? No other place would be better than Workamp. It is one of the best coworking spaces in Mumbai, which primarily focusses on hospitality and ergonomics. 

From Pods (Coworking space for up to 100 members) to Slate (workstation for 100-1,000 members), Workamp customises your workplace with best features.

This shared office space in Mumbai is known for 24x7 access to the building, fully-furnished and well-equipped conference rooms, phone booths, events, and members' privacy. Accelerate the growth of your venture with Workamp effective workplace solutions.

Price: Available on request.


  • Workamp respects your privacy and confidentiality, therefore, no more sharing of your space with others
  • Customise your workstation just like the way you want as it gives liberty to design the interior and amalgamate your brand into it
  • Opportunity to meet like-minded people and grow your business
  • Flexible terms and conditions

Social Mumbai

Social Mumbai coworking space

To break the myth that work can be done sitting behind a desk only, Social Offline brings office and cafe under the same roof. With an unmatched paced, Social Offline made into the list of the best Mumbai coworking spaces.

How would you like to work at a place where a bar counter is right behind you? Any time, you could social and connect with innovators and artists to have friendly yet intellectual conversations. 

Those who travel from city to city could consider occupying a little space at Social Offline for a short duration. 

Price: Hot Desk price starts from Rs 5,000 per person, per month.


  • Beautifully designed lounges and chill out areas keep your work stress at bay
  • High-speed WiFi connectivity, delicious meals and refreshing drinks

Rise Mumbai

coworking spaces in mumbai

An idea unshared is an idea wasted. Rise Mumbai gives you an opportunity to connect with people globally to share and grow your projects. 

Being one of the renowned coworking office spaces in Mumbai, Rise Mumbai takes care of every requirement like conference halls, meeting rooms, office desks, along with ample auditorium to conduct training and workshops.


  • Hot Desk - Rs 9,000 per person per month
  • Dedicated Desk - Rs 12,500 per person per month
  • Private Office - Rs 14,500 per person per month


  • Printers, scanners, photocopiers, microphones and sound recording equipment
  • With Rise Mumbai community app, participate at workshops, events, accelerating programmes, community lunches and drinks
  • Play foosball and board games or read a book at the library
  • Pet-friendly workspace


coworking spaces in mumbai

iShareSpace has become everyone’s favourite shared office space in Mumbai. Well-equipped and fully-furnished workspace is what one wants to grow in his or her profession and iShareSpace provides you with the same. 

From freelancers to startups, from small to big businesses, iShareSpace is an ideal place that suffices basic necessities. Including air conditioner, Wi-Fi connectivity, one could get his hands on basic equipment like a photocopier, printer, and scanner.

To zone yourself out, pick a book from the library, grab a coffee and read it at iShareSpace’s chill out area.


  • Hot Desk for one day - Rs 1,250 per person
  • Hot Desk for one week - Rs 6,250 per person
  • Hot Desk for one month - Rs 18,000 per person
  • Dedicated Desk for one month - Rs 20,000 per person


  • Surround yourself with smart professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Connectivity to high-speed WiFi and ethernet cable
  • Availability of conference halls and meeting rooms

Work Coordinates

coworking spaces in mumbai

It is said cubicles are killers of creativity. To be innovative, you have to surround yourself with experienced and skilled people rather than boundaries. Work Coordinates would be the best coworking space in Mumbai if you prefer socialising with smart professionals.

Work Coordinates has to offer flexible plans along with basic amenities including luxurious meeting rooms and conference halls.

While you concentrate on your business, Work Coordinates takes care of all groundwork. One gets unlimited refreshments, 24x7 access to the workstation, mail services, fast internet, and more.


  • Day pass is of Rs 799 for Non-Desk and Rs 1,100 for Hot Desk
  • Charges for Flexible Desk begins from Rs 15,500/month
  • Dedicated Desk is available at Rs 17,500 or above
  • The price of Private Office begins from Rs 23,000/month
  • Cost of Premium Lounge is Rs 4,000/hour
  • Meeting room at Rs 500/half an hour for members and Rs. 1,500/half an hour for non-members 


  • Open courtyard to conduct one-on-one meetings
  • Mail and courier services
  • Private phone booth to maintain confidentiality
  • Breakout zone to sit back and relax for a while

Coworking stations break the myth of working round the clock behind the desk. It motivates you to explore the surrounding, engage in activities, and meet new people to build a strong network connection.

After going through the list of the top coworking spaces in Mumbai, you must have got an idea of how beneficial working in a shared space is. While working at such places not only you get introduced to new people but also acquire new skills and learn from coworkers’ experiences. 

Take a tour of all the mentioned coworking office spaces in Mumbai, compare the prices and location, and tell us which one did you find the most suitable for you and your team.

(Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta)

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