Meet the 11 startups from the 12th Batch of JioGenNext - the startup programme backed by Jio

Meet the 11 startups from the 12th Batch of JioGenNext - the startup programme backed by Jio

Wednesday July 22, 2020,

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On 20th July, 11 deep-tech startups started in the 12th cohort of JioGenNext Basecamp, a 3 months long mentoring programme backed by RIL that helps startups with product development, distribution and market access. These startups are building digital transformation products in the areas of Industrial and Consumer IoT, AR/VR, SaaS, Computer Vision, etc.

The remote mentoring programme by JioGenNext, which chose these 11 startups from more than 800-plus applications it had received, will see startups undergoing intensive one-to-one mentoring, workshops and evaluation for proof-of-concepts in the Reliance ecosystem. The selection of the batch was done by RIL/Jio executives, leading industry experts, entrepreneurs and investors. Ravi Gururaj, QikPodand Pranav Pai, 3One4Capital helped in the final selection of the cohort.

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Over the past 11 batches, JioGenNext has mentored 136 startups and the program’s alumni includes fast-growing startups like Headspin, LogiNext, FirstHive, Clinikk, Jiny, BharatAgri and Utter among others.

“Our entire selection process for this cohort has been remote. For the first time we have a largely deep-tech cohort building strong IP and tackling some of the biggest problems faced by global customers. The endeavour will be to help these startups successfully establish in the Indian market and further explore global markets.

"On the back of our previous Remote Demo Day success, we are doing a fully remote cohort this time. Being remote gives us the flexibility to have a wider outreach within the RIL/Jio ecosystem, industry experts, customers and investors,” explained Amey Mashelkar, Head, JioGenNext.

Here’s a look at the 11 startups in detail that will now be mentored at JioGenNext Basecamp 12.

1. UpTimeAI

UptimeAI is a machine learning solution that can accurately detect and address the root cause of equipment issues real-time through historical data analysis, for the process and discrete manufacturing industry . Uptime takes only a few hours to mitigate equipment issues using a continuous self-learning model which provides only 10s of pinpointed alerts as opposed to 1,000s of false alerts. The Bengaluru-based startup was founded in 2019 by Jagadish Gattu, a patent holder in industrial data analytics, and Vamsi Yalamanchili, a serial entrepreneur whose previous startup InResto was acquired by the Times Group.

2. Gumlet

Bengaluru-based Gumlet is an end-to-end media delivery solution that resizes, optimizes and delivers images and videos to different devices with varying screen sizes and infrastructure complexities in real-time via Content Delivery Network. Gumlet automates image and video sizing on-the-fly which leads to improved user experience, web traffic optimisation and bandwidth savings. The startup was founded in 2018 by Aditya Patadia and Divyesh Patel, who were earlier co-founders of Turing Analytics.

3. TaskMonk

Founded in 2018, Taskmonk provides a data annotation/labelling platform for text, image and audio data. The solution enables businesses to train their AI/ML platforms by lowering the cost per label and enhancing the quality of annotated data to derive value much faster. The startup was founded by Sampath Herga, ex-NetApp, Arivana, Motorola and was also the co-founder MeshLabs; Vikram Kedlaya, ex - MetricStream as well as Chetan Babu Velkur, a patent holder in thermal and fluid sciences and ex-GE Energy, Kriya IT.

4. PatchUS

Patch is a solution that enables consumer apps with communication channels like video, chat, actionable push notifications and calls via IP or PSTN bundled in SDK for end-users or the field force. The Noida-based startup was founded in 2017 by Sumantu Mittal, the co-founder of Ingenious Applications and had worked in various capacities with One97, Wipro and Dell.

5. AiKaan Labs

This startup offers solutions that enables businesses to monitor, manage and securely access an array of remotely-deployed IoT devices and edge applications. The use cases include IoT gateways, edge servers, robotics, smart e-vehicles, smart retail, surveillance system, and, among others. The Bengaluru-based startup was founded in 2018 by Chetan Kumar, Pronoy Debnath and Siddharth Munot. Kumar has been part of Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks, NetDevices and Alcatel-Lucent,Debnath with Alcatel Lucent, Futuresoft, NetDevices, while Munot was the ex-founder of Pinut, and had formerly worked at Cisco.

6. Legistify

Founded in 2016, Legistify is a New Delhi-based enterprise legal management platform that enables businesses with tracking of cases and judgements in over 5,000 courts, along with having new case alerts, analytics, on-demand customisable workflows, IPR & legal notices management, ML-based lawyer profiling and suggestions. The founders of Legistify are Akshat Singhal, ex-BIS Research and founder of Zeat, Pratik Mohapatra, a corporate lawyer, and Sunny Gupta, ex - MechMocha.

7. Plutomen

Ahmedabad-based Plutomen provides AR/VR-based remote assistance SaaS platform on mobile phones/tablets to facilitate collaboration between field service technicians and off site employees. The display of real- time 3D annotations on environments and objects help teams solve problems efficiently. This reduces the need for technical experts at every location and also helps monitor compliance, training and inspection from a remote location. The founding team of Plutomen includes Keyur Bhalavat, who was formerly associated with companies such as Scapesworks, Square Yards, and Oryden TechLabs, Hiren Kanani, ex-HJ Dimensions, Silicon Valley Infomedia, Moon Technolabs and, Ravi Patel, ex-Scapesworks, Oryden TechLabs, Eyecon Design

8. Dozee

Bangalore based Dozee can convert any bed into a step-down ICU. When the device is placed under the mattress, it monitors a person's vital health data like pulse rate, respiration rate, stress levels, sleep cycles, cardiac contractility, hypopnea index, snoring, restlessness etc. using piezoelectric sensors and algorithms to differentiate between each signal. The startup was founded in 2015 by Mudit Dandwate, a technology leader who has created race car driver simulation softwares for Porsche, Chrysler, Honda, Gaurav Parchani, and Pritish Gupta.

9. Vicara

Founded in 2017, Vicara is a Bangalore-based immersive technology company that builds MR solutions for human interactions in the digital space. It has built a motion engine for gesture recognition, motion analytics, productivity analysis, user behaviour analysis and AR/VR interfacing across a variety of edge devices. The startup was founded by Vellore Institute of Technology graduates, Adarsh Warrier and Abhishek Satish.

10. FreightBro

Started in 2016, FreightBro offers a single integrated SaaS solution for freight forwarding agencies to handle sales and operations. These agencies can access global vendor pricing, bookings, ability to outsource operations and procurement. The founders, Raghavendran Viswanathan and Mohammed Zakkiria , have extensive experience working in the freight industry and have been associated with DHL and Damco.

11. Vadoo

Founded in 2019, Vadoo is a Bengaluru-based company that uses a combination of CDNs and peer-to-peer (P2P) streaming to turn every video consumer into a video node , enabling users to simultaneously consume and deliver the stream. This helps in overcoming cost, latency, scalability and geographical constraints of video streaming. The founding team of Vadoo includes Ankur Singh, ex–U2opia Mobile, Oliv Inc, inoXapps, founder of Payselfie and Anil Matcha ex - Samsung R&D

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