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Learning from youth culture: Generation Z and technology

Gen Z has veritably cut their teeth on technology and they are going to set the benchmark on how we adapt to the digital age going forward.

Learning from youth culture: Generation Z and technology

Saturday September 26, 2020 , 4 min Read

In the last few years, there has been a dramatic shift, from industry to industry, capturing trends and successfully sustaining culture, as the world unlocked the digital age.

Technology brought with it a global change which led to a transformation in business, society and lifestyle. This, despite as suggested by many, is not a product of the pandemic. COVID-19, however, fuelled the process.

We, as humans, are committed to a growth-driven society and with technology, we aim to succeed and prosper. Digitisation might be going down as one of the biggest innovations in human, something that has caused us to reconsider how we interact and process. One thing that has been constant in the ever-evolving world is humans. Humans remain the same.

In the past, steam, electricity, computer and internet have been the drivers of the industrial revolutions. As we move closer to the era of Artificial Intelligence, along with algorithms and advanced computation facilities, AI will be driven by the availability of real-world data.

The challenge, however, is to combine human intelligence with AI for a better future. Humans need to be the nucleus of this era.

But, if this is the fact and the future, then who is the best bridge to connect the human and the technology?

The answer is the digital natives.

Generation Z, born with the internet, is the perfect traverse between humans and technology. They are unlike other generations who, during the rise of social media, smartphones and the instant accessibility of information, either grew up without or came into adulthood.

Unlike other generations, they did not need to learn or adapt to technology, they were born with it as their external organ. This also gives them the advantage of not knowing a non-digital world, allowing them to be an evolved version of the same human character.

According to WP Engine, “65% of Gen Z think artificial intelligence will have a positive impact and 75% believe the Internet will bring us closer together”.

Stepping into the professional space or workforce, these ‘Humans 2.0’ demand change from the management and the workplace technology. With newer ideas and digital innovations, Generation Z or as I call them, the integrated human beings, require an update from the organisation, the society and the space that they work in.  

There are challenges in how the world functions today. Social order, management and communication are facing problems. With these challenges, how are we going to look at the future? With technology, no matter how advanced, we can generate faster transformation.

For example, Tech Mogul, Elon Musk, unveiled a brain chip implant to allow people who are paralysed to operate technology, such as smartphones or robotic limbs, with their thoughts.

Even so, the question remains, how will we move to the future in a systematic way? How will we balance evolution and innovation together? Could we become a successful world where greatness is normal?

Generation Z is not just another age. It is a new systematic innovation. Gen Z can change the direction, speed and penetration of technology. They drive the future with us based on altitude and dialogue. This becomes even more important for India which has the largest number of youth. It becomes one of the leaders in the penetration of technology.

Gen Zers have become the ambassadors of the digital age. With them as the representatives, another wave of digital shift is yet to hit the world, where everything will have an e/AI in front of them.

We are on a path from e-commerce, e-banking, e-filing to e-culture, e-trust and e-innovation. But, if we want all the internet of things to be linked together for growth, how will we adapt it? 

It is through technology that Gen Z will remind the world the meaning of humans and the understanding of hierarchy. For the future, every innovation, origin and purpose is digital. With e-humanity and e-culture, technology is the only means for growth.

It is time to pass this torch of responsibility to the Gen Z. How we understand the fact and the future lies upon them. The only question is how well do they understand their responsibility.

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)