Dunzo launches ‘Food Court’, where you can order from multiple restaurants in one order

The Bengaluru-based hyperlocal platform announced the launch of ‘Food Court’ in its app, where consumers can now order from multiple restaurants in one order.

Dunzo, the Bengaluru-based hyperlocal delivery platform, today announced the launch of ‘Food Court’, where it gives consumers the freedom to order from multiple restaurants in the same order on a single app.

Currently launched in Koramangala, Bengaluru, Food Court now has over 30 restaurants. Dunzo will cater to the different cravings of a household, and keep the decision-making process smooth and fun. Dunzo has partnered with Kitchens@, the cloud kitchen brand, for this initiative.

“It’s always been an ask from users to simplify the food ordering process, making meal-time a collective experience and ensure that everybody gets their order on time and together. Now, everyone in the home can get what they want without any extra wait,” said Brijesh Bharadwaj, Director of Product Management, User Products and Growth at Dunzo, in a conversation with YourStory

Speaking about the functionality, Brijesh explains that if you open the Dunzo app in Koramangala, you will see a 'Food Court' category, where you can order from all the restaurants.

"Basis our user feedback and insights, whether it is family, friends, roommates, or office colleagues, no two people want food from the same place. And even if they want the main course from one place, they want dessert from somewhere else. Thus, you are forced to order from multiple places. So FoodCourt is a way to optimise the deliveries, and also ensure that there is a reduced delivery fee," explains Brijesh.

This meant rehauling the ordering systems to order from different restaurants. The UI is different, where it highlights different products from different restaurants. The team intends to get sufficient data and insights from Koramangala before expanding to a different location.

Junaiz Kizhakkayil, Founder, Kitchens@, said, "Users have to go through the hassle of placing multiple orders online on various platforms to enjoy a variety of cuisines and brands at home. As times have changed, it is good to explore this feature of multiple brand ordering in a single order where quality food is prepared in a controlled hygienic environment, and Dunzo with Kitchens@ has helped solve this problem. Feeling very optimistic with this approach of a Food Court on their app."

Prior to the pandemic in January, Dunzo had onboarded 600 merchants. By September, the number touched 15,000 across cities. Its merchants saw a 150 percent increase in revenue during the lockdown. Dunzo has 80 percent customer retention rate, 70 percent repeat order rate, average basket size of Rs 500, and a 4x increase in average order value.

Edited by Kanishk Singh