Want to know how the startup ecosystem works? Become the CEO of a startup for one day to know more

BizChamp Premier League is a one-day event where participants will get to step into the shoes of a CEO for a day by participating in a gamified programme. They will do everything from budgeting to taking critical decisions that a CEO is required to make.

Want to know how the startup ecosystem works? Become the CEO of a startup for one day to know more

Tuesday April 13, 2021,

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The idea of starting up or running a business is exciting for many young prospective entrepreneurs. But if one scratches the surface of this fancy world of numbers, chasing valuations, funding, and endless other challenges, few would be inspired to stay put. 

Bengaluru-based edtech company BizChamp is organising BizChamp Premier League, a virtual hackathon that aims to elevate the business acumen of young minds. Participants who register for this competition will get to step into the shoes of a CEO for one day by participating in a gamified programme. The participants will be required to run the company for three years in three rounds- each round representing one year. 

The championship is a virtual hackathon which will allow participants to, besides running the company, take critical decisions based on prompts given to them, and perform all the functions that the senior-most executive of a company does. Registered participants will be divided into two categories - the student track and the startup track. The former will include individuals who are freshers and have no experience in the startup ecosystem. The latter will include the more experienced lot who are already startup founders or individuals who have had some experience in working with a startup previously. This distinction has been made to ensure a fair and level-playing field.

Commenting on the purpose of this virtual hackathon, Santosh Kumar, Investor and Advisor at BizChamp, says, “The pandemic has reduced the learning opportunity (offline mode), and webinar fatigue is too high. Instead of organising webinars, and seminars to help students, we thought of making learning fun through a gamified programme.”

He further added that this programme will give participants a walk through “experiential learning.”

The BizChamp League is being organised in collaboration with US-based education technology company CAPSIM Management Simulations. Winners can look forward to GOQii Smart watch, LinkedIn premium subscriptions, DIY drone kits sponsored by SupoLabs for winners in the Student Track, and AWS and Freshworks credit worth $5000 and $4000 for the winners in the Startup Track.

The event is sponsored by NASSCOM 10,000 Startups, IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society, Atal Incubation Centre, SpringUp Capital, Symbiosis Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (SCEI), and many others. 

The event is to be held on Saturday, April 17, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. The winners will be declared on the same day.

Standup comedian Anmol Garg and Beatboxer cum voice artist Abhishek Bhaskar will be performing on the day of the event.

Edited by Anju Narayanan