TravClan launches platform for verified information on COVID-19 support services

The platform created by TravClan provides comprehensive information regarding all kinds of support services related to COVID-19.

TravClan launches platform for verified information on COVID-19 support services

Monday May 17, 2021,

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TravClan, a B2B travel platform, has unveiled a fresh initiative to battle the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic by creating a single resource point that provides all the information for those in need.

TravClan has created a platform called which provides information around COVID-19 resources to those in need. Through the platform, people will be able to find hospital beds, ventilators, plasma donors, oxygen cylinder and concentrator suppliers, medication/injections, ambulances, and even food/dabba services for patients recovering at home.


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According to the startup, the premise of the site is to keep people abreast with verified information on each requirement that a person and their family members might need during these trying times.

Another initiative that has been undertaken by TravClan is to provide COVID-19 vaccination centre listings on websites of 2,000+ travel agents spread across the country. This also includes details such as — availability of vaccines, which brand of vaccine is being administered at each centre, and other vaccine-related information and protocols.

The initiative is expected to help the network of travel agents educate people about vaccination, especially in smaller towns where the second wave has hit the hardest and awareness about vaccines remains low.

Arun Bagaria, Co-founder, TravClan said, “TravClan is a technology platform with a network of thousands of travel agents which use the platform daily. Given we have technology infrastructure in place to share information, we decided to use our platform to help people find the right information by coordinating with various stakeholders, NGOs and community groups.”

According to TravClan, all the necessary information available is updated in real-time with verified information regarding each listing on the platform.

Arun added, “The ongoing pandemic has impacted India in an unprecedented way. It is time that people and corporate entities pitched in their resources to help the country overcome the crisis.”

Edited by Kanishk Singh