UK-based fintech Bridgeweave launches investment app for Indian market

The app, InvestorAi, uses AI algorithms to provide predictive market insights to investors.

UK-based fintech Bridgeweave launches investment app for Indian market

Wednesday July 14, 2021,

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UK-based fintech firm Bridgeweave launched an investment analytics platform ‘InvestorAi’ for retail investors, on Wednesday.  

The mobile app uses AI algorithms to analyse stocks and provides in-depth research and predictive market insights to investors. At present, it covers 4,500 global stocks and 1,500 ETFs in 15 markets, and the algorithms perform over 800 million calculations every day.

Speaking at the virtual launch, Akshaya Bhargava, Chairman and Founder at Bridgeweave, said, “The world has seen an explosion in new, digital retail investors entering equity markets. These investors are looking for investment ideas. Our algorithms analyse each stock in equal depth, giving access to the same high-quality research that has historically only been available to institutional investors.” 

Bhargava says the app is targeted at retail investors and aims at closing the investment information gap for them, making it easier to make informed decisions. The user can look for investment ideas generated from predictive analytics, compare stocks, monitor individual stocks, and thematic baskets, set up custom alerts for profit or loss limits, find similar stocks, see past signals or get an alert if there is a new signal on the stock. The users can also trade at will through the app’s integration with brokers. 


A snapshot of InvestorAi by Bridgeweave

“AI algorithms that have been trained for global equity markets. We traced stock market patterns for 11 years and trained our algorithm for two years before bringing it to the market,” he adds. 

InvestorAi starts at a monthly fee of Rs 799 and comes with a 15-day free trial period. The company has developed a domestic plan focusing on the Indian market besides a separate international plan which comes at Rs 1,400 per month. A soft launch took place in January 2021, and has approximately 12,000 users to date. 

“Besides traction for the domestic package, we have a lot of inquiries from Indian users for the international plan,” Bruce Keith, CEO, Bridgeweave said. 

The company does not have any plan to enter the mutual funds market or brokerage as of now. 

“It is a very crowded market and we want to focus on analytics,” he added.

Bruce said, “The model has a very large addressable market as it empowers the entire ecosystem of investors and advisors. The algorithms become smarter and the insights get personalised, providing a more tailored experience. We are hugely optimistic about the India market, especially with the boom in retail investments and a large base of tech-savvy millennials.” 

Headquartered in London and with its base in India in Bengaluru, Bridgeweave was founded in 2017 by Akshaya Bhargava, who was the former Global CEO of Barclays PLC Wealth and Investment Management. Currently, the company has a team of 40 people, the majority of whom are based in India. 

Edited by Kanishk Singh