Shell E4 Clean Energy Enterprise Summit: A confluence of corporates and startups influencing the clean energy sector

Shell E4 Clean Energy Enterprise Summit: A confluence of corporates and startups influencing the clean energy sector

Thursday November 25, 2021,

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From its inception, Shell E4 has played a significant role in accelerating India’s transition to a sustainable energy future by giving the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem a boost through the merging of talent, technology, capital and know-how.

Shell E4 came into existence with the mission to empower and enable Indian entrepreneurs in the energy space, helping them become sustainable, profitable and significantly impactful organizations.

The startup hub based in Bengaluru, India, is always attuned to its core purpose of co-creating and developing the start-up ecosystem in India - by Convening expertise and resources to build, mobilize & execute impactful projects.

Apart from startups, Shell E4 also helps corporates connect with the brightest minds in the energy entrepreneurship domain and makes the platform one of collaboration and co-creation.

In tune with this objective Shell E4 is hosting the Clean Energy Enterprise Summit on November 29 and 30, in association with major corporations like BPCL, Accenture, IBM and Xynteo, to try to bridge the gap between the corporate and startup ecosystems.

What to expect?

The event will bring together some of the best voices and minds in the smart energy sector to create awareness, have insight driven discussions, guide and engage with startup founders who are working on exceptional solutions for the renewable energy sector. The summit will explore discussions on the topics ‘Fast charging infrastructure in e-mobility’ and ‘System integration of renewables’ on Day 1 and Day 2 respectively.

You can expect:

  • Panel discussions with leaders
  • Startup pitches
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities

Why should you attend?

Shell E4 Clean Energy Enterprise Summit allows attendees to witness unique technologies that will disrupt the clean energy space in the years to come. Apart from an in-depth panel discussion, the event also lets the audience witness the effective changes that entrepreneurs are bringing to the table in the themes of digitalisation and smart transportation.

Day 1 will see leaders from the space deep-dive into how fast charging is creating an impact in the e-mobility space. The session will be moderated by Subhrajit Dey, Co-founder and Technology Leader of Energy and Carbon Management, Shell India and will have panellists like Sanjay Varkey, Director, Shell Mobility India; Subhankar Sen, Chief General Manager (Retail Initiatives and Brand), Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited; Sharat Chander, Head of Public Policy, Uber India SA and Martin Rothbart, Senior Product Manager for Energy and Sustainability, AVL List GmbH, Graz, Austria.

Day 2 will see expert opinions on renewable energy integration and how it helps reduce carbon emission. The session will be moderated by Josephine Too, Agile Growth Partner and Coach, Sofos Advisory and will have panellists like Amit Chatterjee, Industrial IOT Segment Leader & Strategic Business Development, Intel Corporation; Amit Sharma, Managing Director and CEO, Tata Consulting Engineers Limited and Shreenivas Kulkarni, Lead Client Partner, IBM India.

Both days come with tremendous insights and opinions on the topics making waves in the current energy enterprise ecosystem.

For corporates, the event provides great networking opportunities to connect with entrepreneurs within the renewable energy and digitalisation domains.

For energy entrepreneurs, the event offers a platform to gain comprehensive knowledge, procure insights and awareness into the renewable energy sector.

For sustainable energy enthusiasts, the event not only gives the chance to see the latest innovations in this space, but also offers an overview of the corporate perspective to technologies that could affect climate change.

Glimpse of the startups

Commutec: Commutec is transforming the employee transportation business into a mobility service by digitising fleet operators and providing protocol-driven, technology-enabled fleet for corporate employee transportation.

SpareIt: As one of the largest automotive aftermarket multi-sided platforms, SpareIt digitises the offline neighborhood mom-and-pop garages by empowering them with easy access to sourcing, last-mile logistics, business management solutions and digital credit.

Offgrid: Offgrid has developed a rechargeable zinc carbon battery (ZincGel®) which outperforms available battery technologies in terms of power density, life and cost.

LogisticsNow: LogisticsNow is building the digital backbone of global logistics to help customers develop a stronger technology-enabled transportation and logistics business.

eee-Taxi: An end-to-end e-mobility solution provider, eee-Taxi helps businesses reduce their logistics cost, travel time and Scope 3 carbon emissions by providing EVs, journey management technology and charging infra.

igrenEnergi: igrenEnergi has developed state-of-the-art, highly integrated battery performance solutions that are built using EV-first principles.

Pradjna: Pradjna is an AI platform to assess and evaluate blue-collar skills using a Machine Learning (ML) framework, hardware and software sensors.

Ziptrax CleanTech: Ziptrax CleanTech focuses on Li-ion battery recycling for electric mobility and energy storage applications.

ExactSpace: Using AI for a ‘reliable’ energy transition, ExactSpace builds energy-focused AI solutions to add ‘human-like intelligence’ to assets across the energy value chain.

Embedsense Solutions: An industrial IoT product company, Embedsense manufactures innovative industrial grade sensors and offers end-to-end solutions.

CogniTensor: CogniTensor has created deep optics - an integrated MLOps / ML DevOps - which provides automated, standardised development, and deployment within a collaborative workspace.

XYMA Analytics: XYMA provides novel ultrasonic sensors and industrial IoT solutions to industries using high temperature processes such as refineries, power plants, steel plants and other manufacturing industries.

Planys: Planys is a deep tech startup disrupting the underwater inspection industry through innovations in the field of marine robotics, non-destructive testing (NDT) and an AI-enabled post inspection analytical platform across ports, infrastructure (dams and bridges) and energy/utilities sectors.

LogicLadder: LogicLadder offers sustainability management and pollution monitoring solutions approved by the Government of India.

Energos: Energos helps multi-site retail, commercial, industrial and e-mobility customers, as well as energy providers with their energy transition.

RightWatts: RightWatts is building an 'Open Platform for Industrial Apps'. Targeted at industries, buildings, utilities, and data centres, their no-code platform helps solution providers working in these segments to build, deploy, and replicate 'industrial apps' at scale.

Who should attend

If you are a corporate or an enterprise focused on making a change in renewable energy and sustainable energy innovations, this is a great opportunity for you to seek knowledge from eminent panellists and witness disruptive technology and solutions from Shell E4 incubated startups.

You can set up a networking session with entrepreneurs, discuss their solutions, connect with corporates and the representatives and leaders at Shell E4 to know more about the sector. The summit will truly open your eyes to the finest innovations in the field. Don’t miss it!

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