This AI-powered DIY app helps you discover recipes that fits your choice of cuisine

HT Labs launches Slurrp, an app that applies artificial intelligence to the world of food and beverages, to create an exciting hyper-personalised recipe selection.

This AI-powered DIY app helps you discover recipes that fits your choice of cuisine

Tuesday January 04, 2022,

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Many of us spent the lockdown slowing down and focusing on things we truly loved. We made Dalgona coffee and experimented with banana bread. And as we embraced the new normal, home-cooked food became the symbol of ‘new us’. Be it bonding with our loved ones, or resolutions to make healthy, sustainable choices, our home kitchens gained an elevated status in our lives.

Searches for ‘Dalgona coffee recipe at home and ‘chicken momo recipe’ spiked by over 4,000 percent, as many tried new regional and international recipes.

Today, with millions of regional and international recipes being shared from all over the globe, we are never short on cooking inspiration. But there is certainly a problem of plenty in the space. From the millions of recipes available, which one should make it to your dinner table tonight? Even if one narrows down to the choice of cuisine, factoring lifestyle choices such as low calorie, Keto, low carb, ingredient preferences (veg/ non-veg/ vegan and food allergies is a mind-boggling exercise.

Enter Slurrp – an app that applies artificial intelligence to the world of food and beverages and creates a hyper-personalised recipe selection for each individual.

The app has been launched by HT Labs, HT Media’s startup factory dedicated to developing digital-first products driven by research, deep tech, artificial intelligence, and passion to innovate.


Food Discovery Made Simple

Available today for all android users, Slurrp is India’s first AI-powered recommendation engine for food & drink recipes. It offers hyper-personalised meal suggestions to its users from its enormous database of 3 lakh+ recipes.

With Slurrp, HT Labs aims to revolutionise cooking and meal planning in modern Indian kitchens by providing recipes based on one’s choice of cuisine, health considerations, regional choices, ingredient preferences, and allergy considerations, all together.

Just swipe right on your favorite dishes & let Slurrp bring you delicacies fit for you from all over the globe!

As you swipe right on your favourite dishes, Slurrp brings you delicacies fit for you from all over the globe! Users only have to choose their favourite cuisines, notify about allergies and dislikes, swipe right for recipes that match their taste. Slurrp will search through 3 lakh+ food and drinks recipes from 100+ cuisines to find the perfect recipe based on tastes, dietary preferences, nutritional requirements, and more in no time! Every recipe contains step-by-step instructions on the quantity of the ingredients, directions to cook, and nutrition quotient.

Users can also visit the Discover section of Slurrp and take a trip around the globe with a quirky, fun collection of recipes such as, Soup Tera Mastana and Serial Grillers, featuring soups and burger recipes from all over the world, collections such as Better Call Seoul that include Korean favourites like Kimbap, Tteok-bokki, and all kinds of Bibimbaps featured in the K- Dramas! And collections such as Chug De India can make you a popular bartender! Slurrp editors bring in the seasonal flavours with festive collections every month.

For everyone who likes to personalise their drinks while kicking off their leisure time, Slurrp also includes a collection of beverage recipes and offers a feature called "Cocktail Sifter", which is India’s only pantry-based cocktail DIY recipe guide. Containing more than 10,000 cocktail recipes, the sifter helps users create cocktails based on their choice of spirit and preferred ingredients.

Community for food lovers

Slurrp has recently launched the 'Community' section. It is a social network for foodies, aspiring chefs, food writers and bloggers and for anyone passionate about food. You can upload your treasured recipes here, your friends can follow you, like your recipes, share your recipes, save and try out your recipes.

What is India Searching on Slurrp?

Amongst the 100+ cuisines listed on Slurrp, currently the most popular ones are Italian & Indian cuisines; while the most popular diets are Keto & Vegetarians diets. No surprises for dessert being the most searched meal course with a high search volume of Modaks during the last few weeks of Ganesh Chaturthi.

In terms of the most searched recipes, Chicken Biryani, Paneer, Dhokla & Palak recipes top the Slurrp Charts as Indians look to recreate these restaurant favorites at home.

“While users come to Slurrp looking for specific recipes, a majority of them end up discovering an entirely new cuisine or dish that they’ve never heard of and creating it for their friends & family. This serendipitous discovery of unknown cuisines and ingredients is the reason why Slurrp was created in the first place. Our motto is to bring the joy of home cooking back and make it feel like a fun journey rather than a chore.” says Avinash Mudaliar, founder, HT Labs and a foodie at heart!

A feature designed especially for the Health Enthusiats – “The Nutrimeter”

With the Slurrp Nutrimeter, users can find recipes that match their recommended daily nutrient intake, add recipes to Meal plans and eliminate the daily confusion of ‘What to cook today?’. Slurrp also gives a detailed breakdown of the nutritional value of recipes, thereby allowing users to understand the number of calories being consumed along with the total nutritional value present in the recipe.

The only App you’ll ever need for Meal planning, Creating Shopping Lists & Recipe collection!

Slurrp is the only app you’ll ever need for meal planning, creating shopping lists, and recipe collection! Users can plan their meals in advance using the Meal Planning feature and create lists through Personal Collections. The first of its kind recipe app in India uses the power of AI to offer a shift from the old, cumbersome way of cooking to a more efficient way to organise, plan, and have fun with cooking. The app is completely free for anyone to download and use for now.

Going forward, HT Labs plans on offering exclusive premium features in the near future.

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