Biryani remains king on Zomato but more momos were ordered than vada pav and samosas combined

Biryani was the popular dish ordered on the Zomato platform during the year, with momos emerging as the number one snack.

Biryani remains king on Zomato but more momos were ordered than vada pav and samosas combined

Tuesday December 28, 2021,

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Biryani remained the soul food of India during 2021, but there is something interesting happening when it comes to eating snacks as momos ruled the roost, beating the ever-popular vada pav and samosa hands down.

These were some of the interesting trends observed by Zomato as it revealed what all Indians ordered in 2021.

Biryani still remains the most popular food that was delivered by Zomato as two dishes were being ordered from their platform every second.

zomato food ordering 2021

Source: Zomato blog

However, there was a triangular battle for the most popular snack between momos, vada pav, and samosas. Here momos emerged as the undisputed winner with over 10.6 million people ordering this snack while vada pav and samosa together could not beat momos.

On the combo side, the most popular choice for Indians was paneer butter masala and butter naan which was ordered more than 1.1 million times.

During the year, there were quite a few “ordering fanatics”. Sample this, Tushar from Delhi ordered 389 pizzas, and Honey Katiyal was the most generous tipper for delivery partners, tipping for 1,250 orders on the

Zomato platform.

Zomato ordering 2021

Source: Zomato blog

The most number of orders came from a person named Pritee — at 1,907.

There were other interesting nuggets, with the largest single value order of came from an individual in Ahemdabad who ordered worth Rs 33,000. Also, Shweta ordered 12 times in a day, and all of it was ice creams.

October 24, 2021 was a sad day for the country, not just because of COVID-19, but as the Indian cricket team very painfully lost to Pakistan in the T20 World Cup match. However, on this day, over a million people ordered their food on the Zomato platform.

It was not only food that Indians ordered on the Zomato platform as over two lakh dips were delivered through the app.

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