Zomato’s 10 min delivery plan cooks up a storm

Zomato has announced it will soon be launching deliveries within 10 minutes. The company also said it will ensure that there would not be any undue pressure on the delivery executives.

Zomato’s 10 min delivery plan cooks up a storm

Tuesday March 22, 2022,

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Super-quick deliveries have become the trend of the season as everyone — from Blinkit to Zepto — now claim to offer 10-minute deliveries. But these were restricted to just groceries.

In a blog, Zomato Founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal announced that the foodtech decacorn will soon roll out a 10-minute delivery option for food orders.

He also claimed that no other food delivery company has managed to achieve the 10-minute delivery scale yet, and Zomato, with its 10-minute delivery service christened as 'Zomato Instant', will be the first in the industry to do so.

He also clarified that the company won't put pressure on its delivery partners to fulfil the promise. Deepinder wrote in the blog:

"To fulfil our quick delivery promise, we do not put any pressure on delivery partners to deliver food faster. Nor do we penalise delivery partners for late deliveries."

However, despite the clarification, the move has already evoked strong reactions, with Karti P Chidambaram, Member of Parliament from Lok Sabha, raising concerns about "undue pressure" on delivery executives.

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