Enabling digital capabilities in a highly regulated environment for building Pharma 4.0

Industry experts and leaders discuss the growth of pharma in the healthcare industry, delving deeper into the journey from digitisation to digitalisation.

Enabling digital capabilities in a highly regulated environment for building Pharma 4.0

Thursday May 19, 2022,

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Digitalisation has enabled greater opportunities for innovation throughout the life-cycle of pharmaceutical products. There's a greater degree of connectivity and transparency, which has now imposed a closer and greater control over operations and quality, allowing faster decision-making. However, on the contrary, upgrading to Pharma 4.0 demands higher levels of security, owing to the increased vulnerability of interconnected automated systems.

Now, in this scenario, manufacturers who act smartly and decisively will benefit. To delve deeper on the ways pharma companies can prepare for the challenges of digitalisation, join us at the fourth episode of CXO Diaries, hosted by NxtGen and VMware, in association with YourStory. The series brings together top decision-makers from growth-stage companies and large enterprises in India who are building sustainable work cultures and scaling their companies.

Learn how digitalisation has roped in greater benefits for the pharma products

The episode, featuring global industry leaders and experts from the field, will deep-dive into the growth of pharma in the healthcare industry.

Listen to Sreeji Gopinathan, Chief Information Officer at Lupin Limited; Vaibhav Tewari, Co-founder and CEO at Portea Medical; and Siva Padmanabhan, MD and Head of Global Technology Centre of AstraZeneca India Pvt Ltd. The session will be moderated by Varnika Gupta, Senior Account Director, YourStory.

What’s in it for you?

You will get valuable insights on the following topics:

1. The journey from digitisation to digitalisation

2. Innovating medical device manufacturing for improved patient care

3. Ensuring smooth communication between doctors, patients, and pharma companies

4. Carving out the roadmap for building digital capabilities in a highly regulated environment

5. The future of application modernisation in the Indian medical sector

And more….

Some great opportunities and innovations are in store for the healthcare sector. Digitalisation would certainly help manufacturers operate faster, reduce costs, and be more competitive and agile.

If you want to gain valuable insights on the same, don't miss out on CXO Diaries episode 4.

Disclaimer: All views, thoughts, and insights shared by the above panelists are their personal opinions.