‘India is a strong market for MSME financing’ – 20 quotes on the India business opportunity

From fashion to fintech, witness the business trends in India through these quotes, excerpts, and stories!

‘India is a strong market for MSME financing’ – 20 quotes on the India business opportunity

Thursday June 16, 2022,

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India is really a fashion-hungry market. - Anant Tanted, The Indian Garage Co.

People say that Bollywood has a global fanbase. - Siddhant Jain, VdoCipher Media Solutions

This segment of 15-20 million upper-middle-class customers forms only 1 percent of the Indian population but generates 70 percent of all ecommerce revenue in India. - Sreelaj John, HOBC

The Indian electric vehicle mobility market is growing in line with the overall global trend and will see rapid traction and growth for shared two-wheelers and four-wheelers in the EV segment. - Shoji Shiraishi, MBSI

Climate change issues are real and pressing. - Rohan Malhotra, Good Capital

The biggest cyber security challenge faced by India, present and future, is debilitating attacks on cyber-physical systems including Waterways, Energy, Railways, Smart City, Defence, and Telecom networks. - Santanu Chaudhury, IIT Jodhpur

The market size of the white-collar staffing market in India is around $1 billion. - Sarbojit Mallick, Instahyre

Talent is at the heart of our company’s growth story. - Snehal Samant, Syfe


In the pursuit of creating a conducive environment for theoretical learning, Indian institutions often end up ignoring soft skills for employability - critical thinking, problem-solving, time management, and communication and presentation skills. - Nagesh Singh, Edunet Foundation

The total market opportunity for ‘Mentorship as a Service’ (MAAS) in India alone is $11 billion, with $6 billion in the test prep segment. - Varun Richharia, Exprto

While there are world-class schools and colleges available, the student living experience is still not up to the standard and doesn’t match the reputation of these institutions. - Krishna Vijay Kumar, Isthara CoLiving

Making affordable medicines can help you serve the country and you can also create a fortune for yourself. - Dharmesh Shah, BDR Pharma

We noticed India becoming extremely nutrient deficient day by day, and there's no specific solution with proper guidance on how to overcome this issue. - Vipen Jain, Fitspire

While government funding is available for research and development of Assistive Tech solutions and private capital is forthcoming for scaling up, the gulf in between sees many startups struggling to survive. - Pragyan Sagarika Pani, Social Alpha

In India, familial acceptance of transgender people is minimal. Even if there is emotional support, that doesn’t translate to financial support. - Mann Chavan, TALMS (Trans: Alms) Charity Foundation

The [Supreme Court] judgement leaves room for confusion because it does not mention the ambit of what police should do. They should have reinforced that police must arrest and investigate sex traffickers and sex buyers of children. - Ruchira Gupta, Apne Aap Women Worldwide


There are over 150 million people, of which the majority are young millennials, who are either underserved or unserved on transaction credit. - Ranvir Singh, Kissht

India has nearly $2 trillion invested in fixed deposits and the mutual fund industry is sized at $0.5 trillion which saw a 3X growth in the last five years. - Barath Shankar Subramanian, Accel Partners

While there is no dearth of demand for credit products in India, matching the right customer profile with the right product is very important to building a sustainable business. - Nitin Gupta, Founder and CEO, Uni

All ecosystem players need more clarity because in giving credit, there is a cost of funds involved for issuing banks, while in UPI transactions, the MDR is zero. - Vishwas Patel, Infibeam Avenues


The central bank's liberalised approach to cross-border trade financing will only help MSMEs foster India’s contribution to global trade. - Arun Poojari, Cashinvoice

Private capital will become the most significant driver of entrepreneurship in India and facilitate an ecosystem of world-class companies coming out of India. - Ritesh Chandra, Avendus

India is a strong market for MSME financing. - Francesco Filia, Fasanara Capital

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