‘Data helps in presenting points more articulately’ – 20 quotes of the week on digital transformation

From content to communication, these quotes from the week of September 12-18 capture tech impacts sweeping across the world!

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Short-form content is a snackable content, there will always be a place for it and will always have demand and many creators to create content. Even long-form content creators also look at short-form content. - Suresh Narasimha, Cocreate Ventures

There is always a teaser and a real movie. The short form web is like a teaser. - Nagaraja Prakasam

The audience for books, whether print or digital, is still the same–namely, those who want quality and depth of content on any particular theme or topic. - TN Hari, Artha School of Entrepreneurship

There is something timeless about a printed book which no e-medium can touch. That said, people’s attention span is dwindling, so short-form e-content also has its place. - Siddharth Pai, Techproof Me

The AI/ML market continues to grow year-on-year and alongside that, the need for solutions to help enterprises adopt and harness this power is growing exponentially. - Anandamoy Roychowdhary, Sequoia Southeast Asia

In today’s world, where even machines learn our preferences and showcase content that amplify our confirmation bias, it is absolutely imperative that we consciously seek out diverse viewpoints by providing an opportunity to all voices. - Sukanya Padmanabhan, Swiss Re

[BigTech firms] need to invest more in understanding the unintended consequences of their actions and taking rapid steps to mitigate them. - Rahul Matthan, Trilegal

Unless consumerism and advertising change drastically regarding data we're already in dystopia. - John C Havens, ‘Heartificial Intelligence’

Brands make the mistake of using the same messaging across all kinds of advertisements. It’s important for new-age brands to have the right message on different platforms and for each touch point. - Ayush Wadhwa, Owled Media

Wealthtech firms can embed mechanisms that not only incentivise, but also enforce financial prudence for their customers. - Joginder Rana, CASHe

Payments need to be digitised much before vehicle movement is automated. This business opportunity comes at the right time as vehicle payments will be completely automated over the next five to 10 years. - Luke Sequeira, Numadic

A well-optimised digital freight network can empower a truck operator to better utilise his assets, reducing idle time by 40-50% and improving earnings by 20-30%. - Rajesh Yabaji, Blackbuck

Manufacturers regularly deal with lots of repetitive labour-intensive tasks that are great candidates for automation. - Rishabh Agarwal, Peer Robotics

Resilient design requires multidisciplinary collaboration between architects, engineers, and other disciplines to plan for structural resilience, strategise to reduce risks, and address the impact of hazards to build back. - Prasad Vaidya & Janani Venkatesh, IIHS

There are many B2B players in the market, however, the biggest problem lies in connecting small businesses with potential large buyers. - Ankit Jain, Aksum Trademart

Assistive tech solutions unlock value for persons with disabilities, as well as the elderly and some categories of medical care seekers — a growing market with an appetite for user-appropriate high-quality solutions. - Kshama Kothari, Social Alpha

Tech startups need to get ahead of regulation by understanding the many ways in which their technology can affect society and building these learnings into their technology. - Rahul Matthan, Trilegal

Web3 will make significant changes in the way we as consumers will engage with each other and the web. This opens a multitude of opportunities. - Bhaskar Majumdar, 'Everything Started as Nothing'

If we need to find solutions to new-age challenges, technology will play a pivotal role. - Rushikesh Chavan, The Habitats Trust

There are a lot of tools, but they're very verticalised. Businesses face a lot of challenges in putting the stack together and hence it becomes difficult to scale content. - Mayank Jain, Scalenut

Technology is a great enabler and lets you network from your place, at your time. - Namita Thapar, Emcure Pharmaceuticals

Given how people consume information today, scalable solutions to deliver personalised video are needed now more than ever. - Carlos Angrisano, Red Ventures

Data helps in presenting points more articulately, arguing more coherently, and reaching a higher elevation in our conversations—whether among friends or the larger public. - Govindraj Ethiraj, IndiaSpend.org

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