This IIT Delhi-incubated startup is offering an air purifier you can wear

Founded in 2017, IIT Delhi incubated Nanoclean Global manufactures affordable wide-spectrum Nasal Filters, Safety Masks, and Nanoclean AC Filters.

Thursday October 20, 2022,

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In the last two years, wearing masks has become a new norm. While some countries have mandatory mask-wearing, in India, though required—it is scarcely used. 

Some complain that the masks are uncomfortable and while others just do not like wearing them. This company, NanoClean aims to solve this problem of wearing masks using its Naso95 and Nasofilters. 

Nasofilters was launched in 2018 while Naso95 launched early this year in February. The company says it is the world’s smallest wearable air purifier and at par with an N95-grade face mask. 

Founded in 2017 by Prateek Sharma, Tushar Vyas, and Jatin Kewlani, IIT Delhi-incubated NanoClean Global develops preventive measures for polluted air and products for air filtration. It manufactures affordable wide-spectrum Nasal Filters, Safety Masks, and NanoClean AC Filters to help clean air.

Need of the hour

Globally, India is said to be the second-most polluted country in the world. According to a report by the Air Quality Life Index,  more than 63% of the population live in areas that exceed the country’s own national air quality standard of 40 µg/m3. When measured in terms of life expectancy, particulate pollution is the greatest threat to human health in India, reducing life expectancy by 5 years. 

AQLI data reveals that the average person would live five years longer if pollution were reduced to meet the WHO guideline.

The South Asia region accounts for 52% of total life years lost globally due to particulate pollution exceeding the WHO guideline. The most polluted region of India is the Indo-Gangetic plains of the north, which is home to more than half a billion people, or about 40% of India’s population.

“Our product is the solution for them,” he shares. “You will not realise whether you are using something or not because there is hardly any breathing resistance when you're putting these Naso95 on to your nostril.”

The company has zeroed in on a go-to-market strategy to tap medical professionals who are dealing with patients suffering from respiratory issues. 

Before COVID-19, the company focused on providing a solution against air pollution. Prateek adds that they worked extensively on the technology front and upgraded it to be able to provide an effective solution against bacteria and viruses with Naso95. 

Since the launch in February, the company has been actively onboarding doctors to promote the product.

The company claims to have sold three million pieces of it with around 30% sales overseas. It also claims to have generated total revenue of close to Rs 15 crore, with Nasofilters as one of the biggest contributors.

Edited by Akanksha Sarma