‘Success of a business isn’t just in the financial numbers’ – 15 quotes on entrepreneurs and leaders

From innovation to impact, witness the memorable journey of entrepreneurs and leaders in these quotes, excerpts and stories.

‘Success of a business isn’t just in the financial numbers’ – 15 quotes on entrepreneurs and leaders

Tuesday October 25, 2022,

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To get into any business, it is very important for you to like that business, know about it, and have some passion for it. Otherwise, it becomes very difficult for a first-generation businessperson. - Ashish Anthony, JUSTDOGS

Founders would not prefer a smaller cheque size when their startups get a higher valuation. - Amit Kumar, Partner, Ah! Ventures

It makes logical sense for an angel network to launch a VC fund as it allows them to write larger cheques for startups that require this (money) for their next stage of growth. - Padmaja Ruparel, IAN

Tracking metrics like pay parity, retention among women at different levels, leadership opportunities given to women, and publishing these metrics also helps raise awareness in organisations. - Padmini Gopalakrishnan, AMD

Women need working capital for delivering procurement, they want advice to creating a revenue stream on social strategy. - Tripti Singhal Somani, Womennovator

Women’s representation continues to improve when we looked at a five-year data frame. However, we must note that the increase is primarily because of more women at the entry level. - Saundarya Rajesh, Avtar


As we move up the talent pipeline, the drop in representation of women at senior levels is stark. - Saundarya Rajesh, Avtar

No one talks about consent, safe sex, pleasure, or exploring yourself or your sexual orientation in general because there is still stigma surrounding these topics. - Karishma Chavan, Sassiest

The overall opportunity to address menopause is huge given that only 5% of femtech startups address this condition. - Swathi Kulkarni, Elda Health

Everyone has wellness needs, you need to realise what stage of life you’re in and what you are ready to consume. - Upasana Kamineni Konidela, URLife

Along with the health aspect, palatability plays a vital role in any pet food. There’s no point in making a recipe that’s healthy but not tasty. - Saakshi Sharma, Freshwoof

A lot of drone companies are thinking the next two to three years are a good time to go public. - Aakash Sinha, Omnipresent


Every person who is part of the economy… has the ability to leverage the overall country’s capability to raise credit. - Avtar Singh Monga, HostBooks

Investing in products like invoice discounting allows investors to also be a part of the underlying assets of the organisation that generally is not the case with other investment options. - Manish Kumar, KredX

Success of a business isn’t just in the financial numbers as we are often made to believe. - Vishwajyoti Ghosh, 'WE Mean Business'

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