How Windows 11 Pro enables secure hybrid work with business ready devices that are powerful for employees and consistent for IT.

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How Windows 11 Pro enables secure hybrid work with business ready devices that are powerful for employees and consistent for IT.

Monday January 16, 2023,

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With remote-first and hybrid work gaining popularity, how we communicate and collaborate with our co-workers has undergone a drastic transformation. But if it wasn’t for technology, wading through these changes would not have been as simple as it seems.

The shift to hybrid work is a strategic business opportunity for every organisation — one that requires a new operating model that must align with corporate culture and employee priorities. The right operating system and processor architecture pairing is fundamental for complex and challenging hybrid work scenarios.

Safeguarding data

Safeguarding attacks at every level to protect business data with inbuilt chip-to-cloud security, Windows 11 is growing in popularity among small and medium business owners alike. Speaking to SMB players from diverse business backgrounds, we understood how Windows 11 and genuine Microsoft software has helped them secure and scale their business to build a hybrid workplace with accelerated productivity and more collaboration in their day-to-day operations. 95 percent of Indian SMBs report better security and data protection on Windows 11 Pro.

Windows 11 has features such as Smart App Control, which prevents users from running untrusted applications and even prevents users from directly running malicious attachments in mail. Trusted Platform Module (TPM), Secure Boot and Device Encryption also helps safeguard our sensitive data from malicious programs,said Manav Mahajan, Co-founder and CEO, Disecto a digital security and privacy solution provider.

Data security and privacy are two aspects, which are mainly ignored by MSMEs and are considered as expense rather than safeguards for organisations. We started Disecto to make Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) more accessible to the Indian market,said Manav. We, at Disecto, bring a paradigm shift in data security through our indigenously developed privacy management and data sharing platforms. We enable trust and unlock the value of sensitive data without revealing any personal information,he added.

With data privacy and security at the core, migrating to Windows 11 might have been the obvious choice for Manav’s startup. We use Windows 11 for our data leakage prevention use-case. We use Windows APIs to identify any sensitive information created by the employees and suggest viable redactions to prevent sensitive data from leaving an organisation,he said.

For a business in the hospitality space, how efficient is Windows 11? Ravi Singh, Founder and CEO, Tathaastu Hospitality & Travels testified, Windows 11 is compatible with all modern software, which ensures that security is never compromised.Windows 11 delivers the security and control needed for hybrid work and can be deployed in a mixed fleet environment alongside Windows 10 devices without interrupting your business.

Post-pandemic, Ravi realised that there would be a shift in travel trends, and keeping that in mind, he launched Tathaastu Hospitality & Travels, a chain of small luxury glamping resorts. With Tathaastu’s operations spread across different Indian cities, Windows 11 enabled people to work in more places, across devices, with greater flexibility, connectivity and intelligence than before. True to its word, Windows 11 was built to help employees and teams focus on what is important: getting the job done, communicating and collaborating.

Unlocking better work-life balance

Modern collaboration tools and reliable devices can help employees unlock better work-life balance through more efficient and flexible work within their organisation’s preferred model of hybrid work.

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