Meta announces second major job cut in four months

Zuckerberg confirms 10,000 job losses as Meta withdraws 5,000 open roles and cancels lower priority projects

Meta announces second major job cut in four months

Tuesday March 14, 2023,

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Facebook's parent company, Meta, is set to cut another 10,000 jobs as part of its ongoing restructuring plan aimed at boosting efficiency and productivity. This announcement comes just four months after the company eliminated around 11,000 roles in an effort to streamline its operations.

In addition to the job cuts, Meta also plans to withdraw around 5,000 open positions that it has not yet filled and cancel some of its lower priority projects. The company has acknowledged that it underestimated the indirect costs of these projects, and is now taking steps to prioritize its resources and focus on higher-impact initiatives.

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta's CEO, acknowledged that the restructuring will be difficult and result in the loss of talented and dedicated employees. However, he emphasized that the company is committed to its mission and believes that these changes are necessary to position Meta for long-term success.

Once the restructuring is complete, Meta plans to lift hiring and transfer freezes in each group and focus on productivity enhancements and process improvements throughout the year. The company is also analyzing its hybrid work model to refine its distributed work approach and enhance efficiency.

Overall, Meta's restructuring efforts are aimed at streamlining its operations, optimizing resources, and increasing productivity. While the job cuts are certainly difficult for those affected, they represent an important step for Meta as it looks to position itself for future growth and success in a highly competitive market.