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Optimal strategies to allocate $100K: 5 exceptional investment opportunities

Maximizing Returns with 5 Exceptional Investments

Optimal strategies to allocate $100K: 5 exceptional investment opportunities

Thursday June 01, 2023 , 4 min Read

Are you trying to decide how to invest $100,000? Look nowhere else! We examine five excellent choices, including the top choice for investors.

Please note that the suggestions below are not guaranteed. All investments carry the risk of loss.

1. Real estate syndication

Real Estate

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Participating in a real estate syndication is probably the best method to invest $100,000. A group of investors intending to purchase, renovate, and then resell multi-family or commercial real estate is known as a real estate syndication. An office building might be purchased by a commercial real estate acquisition business, upgraded so that the offices can rent for more, and then the building is sold for a profit.

These syndications frequently have some of the highest potential returns because they offer the chance for both capital growth and regular income. These syndications typically run for five years. The real estate syndication's profitability during those five years typically varies between 8% and 10% annually. It is not unusual to sell the building for a 40% to 60% profit at the conclusion of those five years.

It's simple to see that syndications have the ability to double your money in just five years when all of these returns are combined. Imagine making a $100k investment and earning $200k passively five years later. That is how effective syndication is!

2. ETFs and stocks

Historically, relative to many other asset types, the stock market has produced significant returns. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are similar to mutual funds but are listed on the stock market. ETFs are a fantastic method to diversify your investment holdings without having to actively buy and sell stock.

You can invest in anything you choose, which is one of the best things about stocks and ETFs. Some ETFs concentrate on this, so if you want to develop a portfolio with a social conscience, you can. Or you can do the same if you wish to put money into your preferred IT firms.

But make sure to pick a trustworthy internet broker with low costs. The more money you have in your account, the less you'll spend to trade stocks and ETFs!

3. REITs (real estate investment trusts)

REITs are most likely your next best choice if real estate syndication is not a possibility (for example, since you are not accredited). Real estate investment trusts can be bought and sold the same as other stocks because they are traded on conventional stock exchanges.

These businesses invest in and manage real estate, which gives them a propensity to pay dividends and the possibility of long-term capital growth.

4. Purchase or launch a business

Purchasing or launching a business is another fantastic method to invest $100,000. The capital is more than enough to cover the necessary startup costs for many different business endeavors.

To create passive income streams for your business, it generally pays to think creatively. For instance, you can also purchase a bunch of vending machines.

Regardless of the type of business you acquire or create, $100,000 will be enough as initial capital to get it up and running and on the road to generating cash flow.

5. Spend money on yourself

This idea may seem unusual at first, but consider it. You don't need much money—just $100K—to make a significant investment in your abilities. Have you ever considered switching careers or jobs? Have you ever considered returning to school to complete your college degree? To grow in your present career, do you wish to learn new skills or hone ones you already have?

Investing in yourself may be much more profitable than making many other investments, depending on where you are in life. It might be worthwhile to invest $100,000 in your abilities if you're young and have a lifetime of earning potential in order to earn a 20% higher wage overall.

Don't stop there after investing those $100,000 though! Make sure to continue investing as your original investment grows. Your financial outcomes will be better the more money you can put aside.

Edited by Affirunisa Kankudti