AI Chip Face-off: AMD's Instinct MI300X Surpasses Nvidia's H100

Explore how AMD's Instinct MI300X chip is poised to transform the landscape of AI computing, reducing the number of GPUs needed, speeding up performance, and reducing the total cost of ownership.

AI Chip Face-off: AMD's Instinct MI300X Surpasses Nvidia's H100

Wednesday June 14, 2023,

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The landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC) is changing. The catalyst for this transformation is none other than Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), a forerunner in the semiconductor domain. The latest offering from AMD's portfolio, the Instinct MI300X AI chip, is making waves in the industry. This cutting-edge GPU, known as a 'generative AI accelerator', has the capacity to revolutionize AI computation, processing extensive language models of up to 80 billion parameters directly in memory.

The Next Generation in AI Processing

The Instinct MI300X GPU represents a significant evolution in AI processing. This chip is an upgrade from the MI300A, integrating multiple GPU "chiplets" in one unit, interconnected via shared memory and networking links. These individual chiplets, which form part of the CDNA 3 family, are specifically engineered to handle AI and HPC workloads.

In contrast to the MI300A, which combined three Zen4 CPU chiplets with multiple GPU chiplets, the MI300X is a "GPU-only" version. AMD has replaced the CPUs with two additional CDNA 3 chiplets, resulting in a substantial enhancement of the chip's capabilities.

Propelling AI Into the Future

The MI300X boasts a whopping 153 billion transistors, a notable increase from its predecessor's 146 billion. The shared DRAM memory has also been augmented, going from 128 gigabytes in the MI300A to 192 gigabytes in the MI300X. Additionally, the memory bandwidth has seen a significant improvement, soaring from 800 gigabytes per second to an impressive 5.2 terabytes per second.

Lisa Su, AMD's CEO, confidently stated that the MI300X offers 2.4 times the memory density and 1.6 times the memory bandwidth of Nvidia's H100 "Hopper" GPU.

The Rise of Generative AI

The dawn of generative AI and expansive language models is upon us, and the MI300X positions AMD at the forefront of this revolution. Su demonstrated the MI300X's capabilities using the popular open-source language model, Falcon-40B, which consists of 40 billion parameters.

The MI300X holds the distinction of being the first chip powerful enough to run a neural network of this magnitude entirely in memory, eliminating the need for continuous data transfers to and from external memory.

A New Chapter in AI Computing

As Su exclaimed, "We love this chip!" And why not? The Instinct MI300X represents not just a technical achievement for AMD, but also a step forward in the AI industry. With its extraordinary capabilities, the MI300X is set to pave the way for larger, more complex AI models, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of artificial intelligence​. The future of AI, it seems, is here. And it's powered by AMD.