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Hotstar Offers Free Streaming: ICC & Asia Cup for Mobile Users

Elevating the Fan Experience: Free Streaming of ICC World Cup & Asia Cup on Hotstar

Hotstar Offers Free Streaming: ICC & Asia Cup for Mobile Users

Friday June 09, 2023 , 3 min Read

In an exciting development for cricket fans, Disney's Hotstar has announced that it will provide free streaming of the ICC World Cup 2023 and Asia Cup tournaments on mobile devices. This move comes as Hotstar aims to attract a larger user base in India, a country known for its passion for cricket. With its strategic decision to offer free access to these major cricket events, Hotstar is set to make a significant impact in the streaming landscape.

Hotstar's Response to Competition:

The streaming war in India has been fierce, and Hotstar faced a setback earlier this year when it lost the streaming rights for the highly popular Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament to JioCinema, a leading competitor. However, Hotstar has now taken a bold step to regain momentum by providing free streaming of the ICC World Cup and Asia Cup, a move similar to JioCinema's strategy during the IPL.

Impact on Hotstar's Subscriber Base:

Research firm CLSA estimated that Hotstar experienced a decline of nearly 5 million subscribers after losing the IPL streaming rights to JioCinema. With the introduction of free streaming for the ICC World Cup 2023 and Asia Cup, Hotstar aims to not only retain its existing user base but also attract new users who are eager to catch the live action of these prestigious cricket tournaments.

Enhancing the Fan Experience:

Hotstar's decision to offer free streaming of these cricket tournaments will undoubtedly elevate the fan experience. Cricket enthusiasts will have convenient access to live matches, allowing them to stay updated with the latest scores, thrilling moments, and highlights. Hotstar may also introduce interactive features, such as live chats, expert analysis, and behind-the-scenes content, to further engage and captivate its audience.

The Battle for Streaming Supremacy:

Hotstar's move to provide free streaming is a strategic response to JioCinema's successful implementation of a similar strategy during the IPL. JioCinema's free streaming during the tournament resulted in a record-breaking 1.47 billion digital views in the first weekend. With the ICC World Cup and Asia Cup now available for free on Hotstar, a fierce battle for streaming supremacy is expected to unfold between the two platforms.

Disney's Hotstar has taken a bold step to capture the hearts of cricket enthusiasts by offering free streaming of the ICC World Cup 2023 and Asia Cup on mobile devices. This move is aimed at regaining its position in the streaming market and attracting a larger user base. As the cricket fever sweeps the nation, fans can enjoy the excitement and thrill of the matches without any subscription fees. The battle for streaming supremacy between Hotstar and JioCinema is set to intensify, and cricket enthusiasts are the ultimate winners as they can immerse themselves in the live action and experience the joy of their favorite sport.