AI in space: NASA to send ChatGPT-like bot to assist astronauts

NASA is now planning to leverage AI technology to enable astronauts to talk to their spacecraft and improve space exploration.

AI in space: NASA to send ChatGPT-like bot to assist astronauts

Saturday July 01, 2023,

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Artificial intelligence is getting adopted in various industries, and now it is going to be entering space explorations as well.

Space agency NASA has revealed that its engineers are working to create an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant, according to a report by The Guardian. The ChatGPT-like Chatbot will enable astronauts to conduct experiments, perform activities, and do much more with the help of a natural language interface.

Dr Larissa Suzuki, a visiting researcher at NASA, said, the main goal is to establish a conversational interaction between humans and space vehicles. She was speaking at a meeting organised by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), which was focused on next-generation space communications.

During her speech, Dr Suzuki explained that leveraging AI technology can help address software-related issues and independently fix data transmission glitches and other inefficiencies.

"An interplanetary communications network with in-built AI will detect, and possibly fix glitches and inefficiencies as they occur," she added.

This means that this intelligent system will not only allow astronauts to convey instructions and queries, but also share interesting discoveries in the solar system.

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Moreover, this AI-powered interface will empower astronauts to execute manoeuvres or get advice on experiments without dealing with complex manuals. NASA is aiming to streamline these processes to enhance the efficiency of space missions and get advanced knowledge of space.

NASA is now focusing on the "Lunar Gateway". It is a space station that will orbit the moon and give support to the Armetis mission. This is said to be launched in November 2024 to equip mission controllers to communicate with AI that will be exploring outer space.