Professionals confident about upskilling, with 95% expecting career boost: Report

A survey by Simplilearn highlights a surge in professionals seeking career changes, with 41% aspiring to pivot in 2023. It also shows a shift in upskilling methods with 51% preferring part-time or online certifications.

Professionals confident about upskilling, with 95% expecting career boost: Report

Tuesday June 20, 2023,

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Professionals from diverse industries believe upskilling bolsters career prospects, opens job opportunities, and leads to promotions, according to a recent survey conducted by upskilling platform Simplilearn

About 95% of respondents expressed their belief that upskilling would bolster their professional prospects. And 30% of participants believe that upskilling will assist them in securing employment with a new employer

Additionally, 25% view upskilling as a means to access new opportunities within their current workplace, while 22% anticipate a salary increase after acquiring new skills. Furthermore, 16% of respondents believe that upskilling will pave the way for desired promotions.

Simplilearn unveiled the outcomes of its '2023 State of Upskilling Survey' on Tuesday. The survey, which provides insights into professionals’ preferences for upskilling, their career aspirations, and the skills that are in high demand across industries, is based on around 1,000 responses, according to the company.

One of the notable points from the survey is a surge in professionals aspiring for a career change. This number has risen to 41% in 2023, while only 30% of respondents expressed a desire to pivot to a new career in 2022. These findings highlight a dynamic shift in learner sentiments, with a greater number of individuals keen on exploring different career paths this year.

“Survey results highlight that professionals continue to actively take up upskilling courses despite shifts in ways of working and as back-to-office norms return, globally,” Kashyap Dalal, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Simplilearn, said.

“They (professionals) understand the importance of upskilling and its positive impact on career growth. Confident of receiving better salaries and jobs or desired promotions at their existing workplaces, sharpened and new skills remain the strongest ammunition for professionals,” he added.

According to the survey, the top four in-demand skills for upskilling are data science and business analytics, program and project management, AI and ML (artificial intelligence and machine learning), and cloud computing and DevOps. These skills align with the evolving needs of industries and reflect the growing importance of technology-driven roles.

Furthermore, the survey reveals the most sought-after skills across specific industries. AI and ML skills are in high demand across sectors such as agriculture, BFSI (banking, financial services, and insurance), energy, mining and utilities, and media and communications. Other highly sought-after skills in various sectors include software/full stack development, digital marketing, cybersecurity, and business strategy and product management.

The survey also brings to light the evolving preferences for upskilling methods. Around 51% of respondents prefer to enrol in part-time or online certifications in 2023, while 33% enrolled in part-time courses, and 51% earned skilled certifications in the previous year. In 2023, 23% of professionals opted for self-study, down from 59% last year. A smaller proportion of learners (12%) engage in open-source projects, and even fewer (7%) opt for full-time college enrollment.

Blackstone-backed edtech firm Simplilearn was founded in 2010 and is based in San Francisco, California, and Bengaluru in India. It offers access to work-ready training to individuals and businesses around the world. 

Edited by Megha Reddy