5 ChatGPT plugins that can help improve business productivity

Here is how startups and businesses can leverage ChatGPT plugins to optimise operations and automate tasks.

5 ChatGPT plugins that can help improve business productivity

Friday August 25, 2023,

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Whether you love it or hate it, AI is everywhere. It is all thanks to the massive popularity of ChatGPT, a generative AI chatbot made by OpenAI that was released in November 2022.

Ever since then, it has sparked a massive debate on its adoption in various sectors such as IT, healthcare, education and of course even business.

Despite the ongoing arguments on whether ChatGPT is truly a beneficial tool or an unethical technology product, startups and businesses have begun to explore AI tools and plugins.

ChatGPT plugins, designed by OpenAI and third-party companies/startups, are an add-on feature to the AI chatbot. Their primary purpose is to provide relevant and real-time information to users via add-ons.

For example, if you want to book a flight at the earliest and need to explore specific routes or price ranges, the KAYAK plugin allows users to check their desired flights, book them, and even provide useful suggestions for their trip.

Similarly, startups can leverage the power of AI and ChatGPT plugins to automate certain tasks. A good example of this is Zapier. It is a tool that allows professionals and businesses to automate their workflows with thousands of app integrations like Gmail, Google Sheets, MS Outlook, Slack, etc.

Top 5 ChatGPT plugins for startups



This is a very useful ChatGPT plugin that integrates with over 5,000 apps such as Gmail, Slack, Notion, Discord, etc and helps business owners streamline their work. Users can monitor their sales funnel in real-time, and manage Google Drive, emails, workflows, etc.

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The AI tool is great for startup founders and the product development team as it gives valuable insights, practices and ways to improve products. For instance, Kraftful summarises customer reviews and helps understand the best or worst features of products/services.

Show Me 

Show Me is a smart AI tool that helps people present their thoughts in a clear picture. By using this ChatGPT plugin, users can create real-time diagrams with text prompts. It helps de-clutter enormous data or complex information and convert it into a simple illustration.

Prompt Perfect

If you are fairly new to using ChatGPT, this tool will help you make the best prompts. It can help get high-quality responses from ChatGPT—right from making social media posts to writing codes.

Yay! Forms

Market research is an essential part of business planning. To conduct relevant customer research, startups rely on surveys, feedback, etc. Yay! Forms is an AI tool that helps companies create questionnaires, surveys or review forms to efficiently collect data and analyse it.

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