Edtech experts share insights on empowering Bharat with technology-enabled learning

A session on ‘Empowering Bharat beyond the classroom: How Edtech is enabling learning anytime, anywhere’, explored the immense potential of technology in revolutionising education and providing equal opportunities for learners across India.

Edtech experts share insights on empowering Bharat with technology-enabled learning

Tuesday July 04, 2023,

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Education has been undergoing a transformation with the advent of technology, particularly in underserved areas. The rise of edtech has made quality education more accessible and affordable, reaching the last mile of learners.

AWS Bharat Innovators Series, powered by AWS, Intel and YourStory, recently organised a panel discussion titled "Empowering Bharat beyond the classroom: How Edtech is enabling learning anytime, anywhere," featuring industry experts Anil Nagar, Founder and CEO of Adda247, and Sandeep Jain, Founder and CEO of GeekforGeeks. The discussion was moderated by Sunil PP, South Asia Lead - Education, Space, NPOs, Channels and Alliances, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The session explored the immense potential of technology in revolutionising education and providing equal opportunities for learners across India.

Transforming education through technology

The panel discussion shed light on the significant role of edtech in empowering Bharat beyond the traditional classroom setup. Through technology, edtech companies like Adda247 and GeekforGeeks are bridging the education gap, providing affordable and accessible learning opportunities to students across India.

Nagar expressed his belief in the transformative power of technology in the education ecosystem, particularly in smaller towns and villages. He stated, "The internet and edtech have democratised education by making it more affordable and inclusive. Now, students from Tier II, Tier III, and beyond can access quality education that was previously limited to larger cities."

Adda247 aims to provide affordable and accessible education to aspirants preparing for various exams through online platforms.

Sunil PP acknowledged the immense potential of edtech in India. He highlighted the favourable environment for its growth, considering the size of India's student population, the number of educational institutions, and the importance given to education by Indian families. "While challenges exist, the market for edtech in India is enormous. As the industry evolves, companies that deliver value to the masses will emerge and thrive," he said.

Jain shared his personal journey and the role of technology in his educational initiatives. He said, "Coming from a government school and a Hindi medium background, I recognised the need for technology-enabled solutions in education."

Jain started GeekforGeeks as a blogging platform in 2008, utilising simple language to teach complex concepts. Over time, he leveraged video content and live teaching through platforms like YouTube to reach a wider audience. "Technology changes have empowered passionate teachers to create educational content and provided students with alternative avenues for learning," he added.

The discussions also highlighted the need to address language barriers and the potential for further growth and innovation in the edtech sector. As technology continues to evolve, the future of education in India looks promising, with edtech playing a vital role in shaping the learning landscape.

Nagar emphasised the importance of addressing language barriers in delivering quality education to diverse regions. He stated, "We cater to our audience in 12 Indian languages because we understand that a single-language approach is not feasible in a linguistically diverse country like India."

Adda247 creates content and provides doubt-solving assistance in various languages, making education accessible to students in their native tongues. However, they acknowledged that certain age groups in Tier II and Tier III cities may still face challenges in adopting online learning.

Leveraging technology for success

Nagar and Jain also discussed how they leveraged AWS to drive their business success.

Nagar highlighted the role of AWS in scaling Adda247's operations and reaching a wider audience. He mentioned, "AWS has been instrumental in our journey. It provided us with the scalability, reliability, and security required to handle the increasing demand for our online learning platforms. With AWS, we were able to expand our infrastructure seamlessly and ensure a smooth learning experience for our users."

Jain echoed similar sentiments, emphasising the value of AWS in supporting GeekforGeeks' growth. He explained, “AWS has been a key partner in our journey of becoming India's largest online learning platform for computer science. The cloud infrastructure and services provided by AWS have enabled us to handle the massive traffic, deliver high-quality videos, and ensure a robust learning environment for our users."

Both speakers acknowledged that AWS played a pivotal role in enabling their businesses to scale efficiently, handle increasing user demands, and provide a seamless learning experience. The cloud infrastructure provided by AWS allowed them to focus on delivering quality educational content while leaving technical aspects to AWS's reliable and scalable platform.

By leveraging AWS, Adda247 and GeekforGeeks were able to harness the power of cloud technology and concentrate their efforts on creating impactful educational resources, ultimately driving their business success and reaching a wider audience across India.

Fostering dialogue and exploring opportunities

The collaboration between AWS and Intel has yielded significant advantages for public service organisations, such as educational institutions, edtech companies, non-profits, government entities, and startups. Together, they have facilitated the transition to cloud ecosystems and provided support in managing legacy technologies in the cloud. Moreover, they have prioritised privacy, security, and data sovereignty across diverse sectors.

Their recent endeavour is the Bharat Innovator Series, which provides a platform for founders, innovators, policymakers, and thought leaders to engage in meaningful discussions regarding technological opportunities. This initiative aims to foster dialogue, tackle challenges, and explore potential synergies for the future. The series encompasses webinars, podcasts, and events that highlight the remarkable achievements of Indian innovators spanning various fields.