PayPal Taps Into AI for Next-Gen Security Solutions

PayPal is leveraging AI to enhance its security, urging collective efforts to combat evolving cyber threats and challenges

PayPal Taps Into AI for Next-Gen Security Solutions

Monday August 14, 2023,

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PayPal, the prominent financial tech company from the US, is diving deep into the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to step up its security measures. Assaf Keren, the Chief Information Security Officer of PayPal, has recently shed light on this matter.

AI's transformative nature offers a double-edged sword. On one side, it presents a wealth of opportunities for companies to revamp and boost their security protocols. On the flip side, it also gives cyber attackers potent tools to devise more sophisticated attacks. Keren summed it up by saying, "We have to learn how to defend against AI-driven threats by deploying AI-driven solutions."

Despite already being a pioneer in using AI over the past decade, PayPal feels there's much more to be tapped into. They're now eyeing partnerships with security experts, solution providers, and innovative firms to harness AI's full power in evolving security solutions.

However, PayPal understands that safeguarding its platform and its millions of users is not a solo endeavor. As cyber threats grow and shift in nature, a collective approach becomes indispensable. Keren emphasised, "We have to unite in our efforts against the evolving cyber threats. This means knowing our partners better and facing challenges as a united front."

Highlighting the rapid evolution in cyber threats, Keren noted significant accelerations in the past three years. Factors such as the shift to remote work due to the pandemic, economic disruptions, and geopolitical tensions have reshaped the security landscape. Companies, including PayPal, are witnessing a new array of challenges and threats.

As the digital domain witnesses more AI-driven advancements, PayPal is proactive in ensuring it uses AI as a shield against potential cyber threats. Collaborative efforts and a deep understanding of the changing dynamics are at the heart of its approach.

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