Nervous energy and quiet determination: Pitch Fest at TechSparks 2023

On Day 2 and 3 of Pitch Fest, the atmosphere remained charged as startups showcased their groundbreaking solutions--from EV subscriptions to assistive technology for the visually impaired and advanced data analytics for fund managers.

Nervous energy and quiet determination: Pitch Fest at TechSparks 2023

Sunday September 24, 2023,

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On day 2 of 3 of Pitch Fest at TechSparks 2023, the atmosphere crackled with a mix of nervous energy and quiet determination. Startup founders, selected from a sea of hopefuls, paced back and forth along the lobby, their anticipation tangible.

While some immersed themselves in music to calm nerves, others, fuelled by sheer determination, huddled together, rehearsing their pitches. Though the event was delayed, the long wait failed to deter the founders from their mission.

Manish Kumar of Verdant Impact is building an agritech startup that helps farmers to keep track of their cattle. He said, late nights are a part of the hustle. “We’re doing this at a 5-star hotel, we have coffee and snacks. This is way more comfortable than what we do every day,” he said.

Outside the main hall, Pradeep Uchil was helping his 15-year-old son Ameya prepare the pitch for his startup. Ameya is building tech solutions to help people with Autism lead a better life.

However, at the "main stage", which is the heart of the Pitch Fest, the founders had just two minutes to distil their vision into compelling pitches in front of the jury comprising of VCs and angel investors.

Shradha Sharma

Shradha Sharma, Founder and CEO, YourStory

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From startups selling EV subscriptions to simplify people's commute, to solutions for the blind to better understand their surroundings, and data analytics for fund managers, the Tech30 cohort displayed some serious diversity.

Here are some of the startups that pitched their ideas on Day 2 and 3 of Tech30 Pitch Fest at 14th edition of TechSparks.


Aspiring Brands operates in the kidswear segment and utilises technology like AI/ML to serve customers directly while collaborating with manufacturers. Selling through the Includ brand, the company uses a D2C approach while simultaneously creating a marketplace for manufacturers.


ClearFeed uses AI and NLP to bridge the information gap and convert unstructured data into actionable insights. It simplifies task management across various data sources. Companies like CoreWeave, Atlan Data, and Teleport use ClearFeed to streamline employee and customer request management on Slack.


The issue of visual synchronisation loss in dubbed content has long been perceived as an insurmountable challenge. NeuralGarage addresses this gap and aims to make communication seamless across all languages through AI intervention.

Verdant Impact 

Verdant Impact is a full-stack animal husbandry platform that offers farmers backwards and forward linkage for livestock purchase and sales. The SaaS platform’s genetic traceability system has an AR/VR solution and Universal Animal Ancestry Animal Mark, which allows farmers to trace their livestock’s ancestry using advanced DNA analysis and unique identification techniques.

OngIL is an analytics platform built for AI-driven decision-making. The instant messaging platform helps senior management across industries to speed up analytics tasks by up to 95%—from data collection to insights. It also has features like real-time visualisation and predictive analytics to fetch insights faster.


Naam is a made-in-India app that enables users to identify unknown phone calls and spammers without syncing their contacts. It aims to become India’s biggest caller identification app by facilitating safe and secure communication.


Evate Technologies enables petrol/diesel-based vehicles to convert to EVs by connecting them with verified retrofit technology players. This end-to-end EV retrofitting marketplace also facilitates loans for retrofits through partnerships with NBFCs.


IntrobotIntrobot uses AI to connect startup founders and business executives to build professional relationships at events and through business or alumni communities. The platform uses an AI-based recommendation engine built on WhatsApp for matchmaking.


NexStem leverages neuroscience to enhance human-machine interactions. The startup has developed a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI), which aims to revolutionise neuroscience, healthcare, education, and gaming.

Eugenie AI Technologies is an emissions intelligence platform that allows manufacturing companies to track, trace, and reduce their greenhouse emissions while simultaneously achieving production goals. is an AI-driven asset management co-pilot targeted at asset and wealth management companies, as well as Registered Investment Advisors (RIA). The earnings analysis platform uses AI to annotate updates by publicly listed companies and helps customers parse data on stocks faster than manual processes.

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Let’s driEV 

Let’s driEV is a sustainable and eco-friendly electric vehicle (EV) sharing platform operated by Techsofin. It addresses urban commuting challenges like traffic congestion and air pollution with a convenient, economical, and environmentally conscious alternative. is an online form builder that allows users to create, share, and manage custom forms. The platform also offers conditional logic, workflows, custom branding, and team collaboration.


Minus Zero is building fully autonomous vehicles, and hopes to create a human-like AI driver that can navigate the trickiest of traffic scenarios—like those in India—safely.

PierSight Space

PierSight Space is building Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites to enable easier and more effective monitoring of human activity at sea. The startup’s solutions are aimed at shipping, insurance, defence, coastguard, oil and gas, and other companies that rely on maritime intelligence.


Segwise is an AI-powered observability platform for product and growth teams. The B2B SaaS platform runs a no-code script across datasets given by product and growth teams to determine opportunities as well as identify issues that require the team’s focus.

SHG Technologies

SHG Technologies’ flagship product, SMART Vision, is a wearable device that leverages AI, ML, and machine vision to provide a sensory feel to a visually impaired person. It is designed to address the needs of individuals suffering from conditions including blindness, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, etc.


Sivi is a generative AI startup that converts text content into visual designs for ads, product banners, posts and so on. It has built its own proprietary generative model for visual design generation which can generate 16 variations of a prompt in under two minutes.

The ePlane Company 

The ePlane Company is an Urban Air Mobility (UAM) startup that aims to ease on-road traffic congestion in cities by offering safe, sustainable, and affordable flying services. It hopes to deliver immersive intra-city flying experiences by transporting people from their doorstep to their end destination 10X faster. is an AI-based video translation platform that helps users translate videos into over 70 languages with just a click. The company’s technology has the ability to provide translations from across different formats of media including videos, images, websites, podcasts, and text.

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