286 Cr in 150 Days: How Rahul Rai Left IIT and Struck Gold in Crypto

Within just five months of founding Gamma Point Capital, Rahul Rai and his team sold it for a whopping 286 crore rupees. Learn the secrets behind their high-stakes success

286 Cr in 150 Days: How Rahul Rai Left IIT and Struck Gold in Crypto

Friday September 22, 2023,

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In India, going to the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is seen as a surefire way to success. But Rahul Rai had other ideas. He got into IIT but soon left for the Wharton School in the U.S. to study economics. From there, he went to Wall Street, came back to India, and became a millionaire by co-founding a successful crypto fund. Today, he's at the top of his game, managing a $150 million fund that was the best in its category in 2022.

The Early Choice

Rahul Rai got into IIT Bombay after passing a tough exam. But he realised engineering wasn't for him. So, in 2015, he took a bold step: he left IIT and moved to the U.S. to study economics at the prestigious Wharton School. Many people were shocked by his decision, but Rai was chasing a different dream.

The Wall Street Chapter

After finishing his studies in 2019, Rai worked at Morgan Stanley in the U.S. for a year. There, he learned the ropes of high-level finance, which would come in handy later.

Back to India and a New Venture

In 2020, Rai returned to India and started a business with two friends. They created a crypto fund called Gamma Point Capital. Using Rai's knowledge from Wall Street, they made a strategy to make money whether crypto markets were going up or down.

Striking Gold

The trio's unique strategy caught people's attention, and within five months, they received an offer they couldn't refuse. BlockTower Capital bought their business for an enormous sum of 286 crore rupees (about $38 million). It was a tough decision, but they knew it would take a long time to earn that much money on their own.

Top of the Game

After selling Gamma Point, Rai became a big player at BlockTower Capital. He's now in charge of a $150 million crypto fund. Even when 2022 was hard for many in the crypto world, Rai managed to protect his clients' money with smart decisions.

Rahul Rai's journey shows that there's no one path to success. He took risks, like leaving IIT and venturing into the crypto market, but those risks paid off big time. Now, he's a leader in a field he's passionate about, setting an example for young people everywhere that following your own path can lead to incredible success.