Can Threads elevate your startup's social media presence?

Discover how the new Threads platform by Meta can revolutionise your engagement strategy.

Can Threads elevate your startup's social media presence?

Sunday October 22, 2023,

5 min Read

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, a revolutionary shift is upon us, presenting unprecedented opportunities for startups eager to redefine their online engagement.

Imagine a platform that not only connects you seamlessly with your audience but also propels your brand into the forefront of digital innovation. Enter Threads, Meta's latest unveiling, poised to transform how new businesses communicate, engage, and thrive online. With a surge of over 100 million users within its inaugural week, Threads sent a clear message: it's the new digital frontier for real-time connection and immersive brand experiences.

So, how does this game-changer set the stage for startups to skyrocket their growth? Let's unravel the phenomenon of Threads, the catalyst in the digital metamorphosis of startups.

What is the Threads platform?

If you have not used or heard about Threads before, let's see what it is. Threads is a new social platform launched by Meta on 5th July 2023. Similar to X (formerly Twitter), this app contains a text-based feed and users can interact with other users, share, like, comment or repost.

Threads also enable users to have real-time discussions and engage in events or share their opinions.

It stands as a gateway for businesses, especially startups, to forge meaningful connections, engage in real-time with their audience, and tap into the pulse of digital trends, all while carving their unique space in the online ecosystem.

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5 ways Threads can help businesses

With that being said, let's explore some ways Threads can help businesses thrive in the online world.

Enhanced visibility

Since Threads is connected with Instagram, startups can get the best of both worlds. This text-based app seamlessly integrates with Instagram.

So, businesses can share Threads and posts on Instagram stories that maximise visibility on both of these platforms. Plus, startups can identify ongoing trends and participate in discussions to boost user engagement.

Social Media

Visual content at the forefront

Dozens of studies and research have shown that users prefer engaging visual posts rather than plain textual content. So, startups can make next-level marketing posts with funny gifs, short videos, pictures or memes.

The logic is simple more visual content=more users=more revenue.

Expanded reach

Threads have the key to a bigger and wider audience base that particularly likes to engage in text-based posts. You can reach out to your target market via Threads that may have not come across your products or services. Also, your marketing team can curate engaging content to attract potential customers.

New collaboration avenues

Marketers can also join hands with creators or influencers to promote their brands. So, startups can get their products/services endorsed by influencers who have a strong presence with an audience and have credibility.


Businesses aim to provide a personalised experience to their customers and this is what Threads can help with. Accordingly, startups can get deeper insights about their target audience and make better content that resonates with them.

Why is Threads great news for startups?

Threads is particularly exciting for startups as it offers new avenues for growth and engagement that are crucial in the early stages of a business. It is an innovative engagement platform that introduces a fresh way of digital interaction, different from traditional social platforms. With its integration with Instagram, it provides startups with access to a broad and diverse audience.

Startups are often more agile and adaptable than established companies, qualities that are advantageous when exploring a new platform. The nature of Threads, emphasising real-time interaction and discussion, creates a ripe environment for content to go viral- which can potentially put the brand on the customer's radar.

Threads: Limitations and challenges

Now, before you head over to using Threads to post your marketing campaigns, you need to consider some factors. After all, Instagram and Threads are two different social media platforms with their respective features.

Instagram account requirement

To access and utilise Threads, businesses must first have an established Instagram account. This prerequisite narrows the entry point exclusively to Instagram users, potentially limiting the diversity of the audience.

Character limit

Threads imposes a 500-character limit on its posts, challenging businesses to convey their messages succinctly.

No hashtag feature

Unlike many social media platforms, Threads currently lacks a hashtag feature. Without them, businesses might find it more challenging to track topics or participate in trending conversations organically.

Multimedia constraints

While Threads supports the sharing of gifs, short videos, and pictures, it's primarily a text-based platform. Businesses accustomed to more extensive multimedia content may find this limiting.

Absence of paid advertisements

Threads does not support paid campaigns or advertisements at the moment. This limitation means that businesses must rely solely on organic growth strategies, which can be slower and more resource-intensive compared to paid advertising.


As with any platform, understanding Threads' underlying algorithm is crucial for success. Businesses must invest time in learning how content is distributed and prioritised on the feed to optimise their posts for maximum reach and engagement.

Once familiar with the platform, startups can leverage this channel to boost their reach and build a solid brand value.