Haldiram's 105-Year Journey: From 1918 Bikaner Shop to 2023 Global Dominance

Amidst challenges and fierce competition, Haldiram’s emerged victorious. Witness the brand’s evolution, their resilience against adversity, and future ambitions

Haldiram's 105-Year Journey: From 1918 Bikaner Shop to 2023 Global Dominance

Thursday October 12, 2023,

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From a modest sweet shop in Bikaner to an international snack giant, Haldiram’s journey epitomises entrepreneurial brilliance. The tale traces back to Shivkisan Agrawal’s endeavor in 1918, selling Bhujia in his father’s shop. Today, Haldiram's boasts a staggering annual revenue of Rs 7,130 crores, with its products enjoyed worldwide.

Beginnings and Expansion:

Haldiram’s founder, Ganga Bishan Agarwal, initially worked in his father’s shop, selling a unique variant of Bikaneri Bhujia. Recognising its popularity, he expanded the business to cities like Kolkata and Nagpur. Today, Haldiram’s presence spans across major cities in India, the USA, UK, and the Middle East. Despite family disputes and territorial branding battles, the company surged ahead. Their growth led them to supersede even global giants, emerging as India's largest snack company in 2017.

Product Diversification:

Haldiram's began with Bhujia Namkeen. With time, their repertoire expanded to include sweets, snacks, papads, cookies, and even restaurant outlets across major Indian cities. Despite regional differences in operations, the essence of Haldiram’s products remained consistent, attributed to family-guarded recipes.

Marketing Excellence:

Haldiram’s was among the pioneers in prioritising packaging. Modernised packaging methods, like zip pouch bags and standee pouch packaging, elevated their brand recognition. Additionally, the strategic establishment of stores across India and venturing into e-commerce platforms further solidified their market presence. This innovative approach enabled them to outpace renowned brands like McDonald’s and Domino’s in revenue.

Challenges and Resilience:

Success was not devoid of obstacles. 2015 saw Haldiram’s products temporarily banned, akin to the Maggi controversy. However, swift actions and strategic partnerships, like their collaboration with Indian Railways, restored their market standing.

Looking Ahead:

Haldiram's ambitious future plans encompass business diversification, with a keen interest in the bakery segment. They intend to penetrate the IPO market soon and further expand their dine-in restaurant chain, aiming to augment their current tally of 100 restaurants in New Delhi and 30-40 in Nagpur. The global vision is expansive, targeting markets like Algeria, Jordan, Yemen, and many more.

In summary, Haldiram’s rise is a testament to innovation, adaptability, and relentless pursuit of quality. Their story serves as an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs, emphasising that with dedication and strategic foresight, any venture can achieve global acclaim.