Rashi Bagga: IIIT-NR’s Highest Package Earner at 85 Lakh

Rashi Bagga sets a new placement record at IIIT-NR with an Rs 85 Lakh p.a. package, inspiring peers and elevating the institute

Rashi Bagga: IIIT-NR’s Highest Package Earner at 85 Lakh

Monday October 09, 2023,

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The sphere of academia and professional engagement at the International Institute of Information Technology Naya Raipur (IIIT-NR) recently witnessed a phenomenal achievement. Rashi Bagga, a prodigious BTech student at the institute, set a new record by securing an extraordinary salary package of Rs 85 lakh per annum earlier this year.

Rashi's achievement is not just a personal triumph but marks the highest salary package ever accepted by a student from IIIT-NR, thereby setting an unprecedented benchmark in the institute’s placement records for 2023. Demonstrating an exemplary spirit of perseverance and ambition, Bagga had already acquired a substantial offer from another prominent firm. However, she opted to explore further opportunities available in the competitive job market, attending subsequent interviews and eventually attaining this unparalleled offer, as per communications relayed by the IIIT media coordinator.

Before reaching this milestone, Rashi Bagga has had an illustrious journey, marked by significant roles such as an SDE Intern at Intuit in Bengaluru and a Software Developer Intern at Amazon. Her professional saga continues at Atlassian since July 2023, where she serves as a Product Security Engineer, contributing significantly to the organisation.

This record-breaking achievement by Bagga follows a series of success stories emanating from IIIT-NR. Prior to this, the institute celebrated Chinky Karda who had secured a handsome package of Rs 57 lakh per annum from Atlassian last year, the highest at the time. Yogesh Kumar also made headlines with a commendable package of Rs 56 lakh per annum for a software development position with a reputed multinational firm.

Notably, in 2020, another brilliant student from IIIT-NR, Ravi Kushashwa, was offered a whopping Rs 1 crore per annum package from a leading multinational corporation. Unfortunately, the unfolding Covid-19 pandemic circumstances prevented him from accepting the outstanding offer.

For the fifth year running, IIIT-NR proudly announces a 100 percent placement rate, reflecting the institute’s commitment to fostering academic excellence and professional preparedness amongst its students. With Rashi Bagga’s landmark placement, the average Cost To Company (CTC) for this year’s graduating batch has been adjusted to Rs 16.5 lakh per annum, while the median CTC stands at Rs 13.6 lakh per annum, illustrating the institute's consistent performance in facilitating lucrative placements for its students.

Rashi Bagga’s record-breaking placement is not just a testament to her individual talent and determination but also underscores IIIT-NR’s role as a crucible of talent and excellence. This milestone is sure to inspire many upcoming students, reaffirming that with diligence and the right guidance, sky's the limit for aspiring professionals at IIIT-NR.

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