How MyPerfectPack is disrupting the printing and packaging industry

The impact of MyPerfectPack's no MOQ printing and packaging services extends far beyond a single success story. A thriving community of more than 35,000 startups worldwide has harnessed the advantages of this flexible approach.

How MyPerfectPack is disrupting the printing and packaging industry

Wednesday October 11, 2023,

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In the dynamic world of startups and businesses, the need for flexible, quality printing and packaging solutions has never been more crucial. Picture this: you're a D2C startup bursting with enthusiasm and brilliant product ideas. You've nailed your branding, and now it's time to package your creations for the world.

But, there's a catch. Traditional packaging providers, with their imposing Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirements, can feel like gatekeepers to your success. Customisation? It can quickly turn into a never-ending design loop. And eco-friendly packaging? Yes, it's a must, but finding the right solution can be a sustainability puzzle. In this high-speed game, you can't afford to wait. Fast turnaround times are equally essential to seize those market opportunities.

A new paradigm in packaging services

Enter MyPerfectPack, a game-changing venture founded by Vikas Sharma. MyPerfectPack was born out of frustration and a desire for a simple yet critical need: providing employees with branded packets that carried the company's identity with pride. What followed was a quest that led the team to numerous printing companies, only to encounter limitations in colour choices, artwork constraints, and the dreaded Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). It was in this challenge that the spark for change ignited.

Sharma quit his corporate job and decided to address this issue with a solution. This led to the establishment of MyPerfectPack, a company that aimed to offer printing and packaging solutions to startups and businesses of all sizes.

“Our mission became clear: to be the one-stop solution for all startup and business printing and packaging needs. No more MOQ frustrations, no more restrictions on creativity, no more compromises on quality. MyPerfectPack was born to bridge the gap, to provide professional and flexible printing and packaging services to those who needed it most,” Sharma shared.

With a comprehensive range of offerings, from custom boxes to various packaging formats, MyPerfectPack caters to diverse industries, including food, retail, cosmetics, and more, showcasing expertise tailored to specific needs.

How MyPerfectPack is disrupting the printing and packaging industry

MyPerfectPack's range of services for every need

Apart from no minimum order requirement, MyPerfectPack offers a host of services. With state-of-the-art digital printing technology, it offers customisation options that allows clients to choose from various materials, sizes, shapes, and finishing options to accurately represent their brand. Swift turnaround times are a priority, ensuring timely delivery without compromising on quality.

Sustainability is another core value, with eco-friendly packaging options, including recyclable materials and sustainable printing practices. A dedicated customer support team is available throughout the order process, offering service for inquiries, design guidance, or any other issues.

Competitive pricing is offered without sacrificing quality, recognising the budget constraints of businesses. Additionally, ongoing investments in technology upgrades and process improvements ensure clients receive top-tier packaging solutions.

The company also made its debut on the Bombay Stock Exchange within just three years of its incorporation. “This accomplishment not only reflects the company's impressive growth but also its potential for continued success in the future. Myperfectpack, a unit of Ekennis Software Service Limited, is the first Indian company, which is listed in BSE in record time and all the board of directors are women,” Sharma said.

Empowering startups worldwide

MyPerfectPack has proven to be an excellent partner for its clients, offering not just printing and packaging solutions, but also providing flexible, high-quality services that empower startups and businesses to shine in their respective industries. Case in point is Tea and Twigs, a tea manufacturer, which has been able to deliver exceptional quality, crafting innovative blends, and presenting its products in stunning packaging thanks to MyPerfectPack.

Today, Tea and Twigs sells an astonishing 10 tonnes of tea every month. The brand has become a household name synonymous with premium teas, offering a diverse product range that caters to every palate. The success of Tea and Twigs exemplifies the impact of MyPerfectPack's services in helping startups not only survive but thrive in their respective industries.

The impact of MyPerfectPack's no MOQ printing and packaging services extends far beyond a single success story. A thriving community of more than 35,000 startups worldwide has harnessed the advantages of this flexible approach. The company’s global reach has enabled partnerships with international brands, showcasing its commitment to serving diverse markets. Some notable international collaborations include: BADAAS (US), a trailblazing non-alcoholic beverages brand; Broken Tea Leaf (US), a green tea brand; HaBee (UK - London), a premium honey brand; and BARFIBITE (UK), a chocolate brand.

These partnerships underline the company’s dedication to supporting startups and businesses worldwide, offering them the tools and services needed to succeed and thrive in their respective markets.

How MyPerfectPack is disrupting the printing and packaging industry

Vision for the future

Going forward, MyPerfectPack envisions a future where it becomes the single destination for startups and businesses worldwide.

“Our immediate focus is on establishing a physical presence in India's top 20 cities. We recognise the immense potential and the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit that exists in these urban hubs. By doing so, we aim to offer a personalised and accessible experience to a broader range of startup companies and businesses in these regions,” Sharma shared.

Apart from expanding its footprint, the company aims to replicate its successful model globally. “Just as we have supported startups and businesses in the US, the UK, New Zealand, and the UAE, we aim to be the go-to printing and packaging solution provider for startups across the globe. Our commitment to no minimum order quantities, customisation, and eco-friendly practices will resonate with entrepreneurs worldwide,” he added.

As MyPerfectPack expands internationally, the company will concentrate on establishing a global network of like-minded partners, suppliers, and customers who align with its values and unwavering commitment to quality. This expansive network will serve as the cornerstone for delivering dependable and consistent services on a global scale.

Beyond printing and packaging, the company aims to offer a comprehensive suite of services including website development, ERP software development, and social media marketing. With a vision set firmly on the future, MyPerfectPack is poised to continue revolutionising the printing and packaging industry, one package at a time.