Nandini Milk: From 1974 Inception to rs 14,018 Crore Turnover in 2023

Nandini Milk, rising from Karnataka's heart, has become India's dairy titan with unparalleled growth, heritage, and community impact

Nandini Milk: From 1974 Inception to rs 14,018 Crore Turnover in 2023

Wednesday October 18, 2023,

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Karnataka Milk Federation's Nandini is not just a brand; it's a legacy. Born as Karnataka Dairy Development Corporation (KDDC) in 1974, it began its journey with the support of the World Bank. Fast forward a decade, and KDDC transformed into Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF). Over the years, the metamorphosis wasn't just in name but also in stature, outreach, and variety.

At the heart of KMF lie 14 milk unions dotting the expanse of Karnataka. These unions collectively source milk from Primary Dairy Cooperative Societies (DCS). The golden drop then reaches households under the name we all recognise - Nandini. Boasting of over 1,500 members, KMF has seamlessly woven itself into both rural and urban tapestries of Karnataka.

For any resident, Nandini's array of products is familiar and cherished. From the freshness of pasteurised and toned milk to the rich creaminess of ghee and paneer. For the sweet-toothed, the delights of chocolates and the authentic Mysore Pak beckon. And if you seek refreshment, the buttermilk and curds offer a cool respite.

Nandini's journey in the hearts of the people was championed by icons. The legendary actor Rajkumar, Karnataka's very soul, was the face that told families to trust Nandini. This trust baton was then passed to his son, Puneeth Rajkumar. Beyond Karnataka, the elegance of actress Shriya Saran brought Nandini Good Life Products closer to the neighboring states' homes.

Speaking of neighbors, Nandini's success wasn't confined to Karnataka. Maharashtra, Goa, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu now share the Nandini experience. This growth story is underlined by numbers. From a humble turnover of Rs 8.82 crore in 1976-77, 2022-23 witnessed a jaw-dropping figure of Rs 14,018 crore. Today, with a net worth nearing Rs 21,000 crore, Nandini stands tall as the country's second-largest cooperative.

Nandini is more than milk; it's the embodiment of Karnataka's pride. By prioritising quality and community upliftment, Nandini has not just built a brand but a legacy. As it continues to pour love in every glass, one can only see a shimmering future ahead.

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