From Rs 35 to Rs 13 Crore: Veeral Patel's Unbelievable Success Tale!

With only Rs 35 in his pocket, Veeral Patel landed in Mumbai. Uncover his inspiring rise to owning Gaurav Sweets, a celebrated sweet shop chain valued at Rs 13 crore.

From Rs 35 to Rs 13 Crore: Veeral Patel's Unbelievable Success Tale!

Wednesday October 11, 2023,

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Have you ever heard a story so sweet and inspiring that it fills you with hope? Veeral Patel’s journey from a mere Rs 35 to owning Gaurav Sweets, a Rs 13 crore empire in Mumbai, is exactly that!

Humble Start

In 1982, Veeral landed in Mumbai with big dreams and just Rs 35 in his pocket. He started as a helper at a roadside eatery. The job didn't pay, but it offered him three meals a day. Later, Veeral found work at a stationery store, where his dedication earned him Rs 250 per month. When a relative noticed his hard work, Veeral got a chance to co-own a stationery shop in Thane in 1985. This was the start of his entrepreneurial adventure!

Gaurav Sweets Takes Off

The year 2004 marked a sweet turn in Veeral's life. With Rs 30 lacs in investment, Gaurav Sweets was born, named after his son. Success wasn't far behind. The shop became profitable quickly, and over 15 years, it expanded into six outlets across Mumbai, each offering 300 varieties of delightful sweets.

What’s in Store?

Gaurav Sweets is known for its extensive and delectable range. From dry fruit and sugar-free sweets to Bengali delights and the creamy Shrikhand, Rabdi, and Basundi, there's something for every palate. They also serve mouth-watering snacks and chaats. For those who can’t visit, these delicious offerings are available online on their website.

Hard Work Pays Off!

Veeral's story is a glowing testament to the power of hard work, patience, and business acumen. Starting with just Rs 35, Veeral’s journey to a Rs 13 crore business is an epic tale of rags to riches, showcasing that dedication and perseverance indeed pay off.

Veeral Patel’s life is a story painted with the colors of struggle, dedication, and unmatched success. From a helper in a roadside eatery to the owner of a sprawling sweet shop empire, his journey is inspiring for dreamers and doers alike. So next time you enjoy a sweet treat, remember Veeral’s sweet tale of success - it’s sure to add an extra layer of joy to every bite!