At 19, Steering SCOPE: The Teen CEO Easing Paths for Investors & Entrepreneurs

At just 20, Apalla Saikiran is already making waves in the business community with his venture, SCOPE, which serves as a nexus between aspiring entrepreneurs and industry stalwarts.

At 19, Steering SCOPE: The Teen CEO Easing Paths for Investors & Entrepreneurs

Thursday October 26, 2023,

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Apalla Saikiran is a promising young entrepreneur from Telangana, India, who embarked on his entrepreneurial journey at the tender age of 17. He is the Founder and CEO of Scope, a novel platform designed to bridge the gap between aspiring entrepreneurs, seasoned industry experts, venture capitalists, and investors. This venture aims to create a nurturing ecosystem where budding entrepreneurs can interact with and learn from established industry players. Under Saikiran's leadership, SCOPE has thrived as a platform, and its core application has been honed to meet the needs of its community​.

Saikiran's early life was marked by academic and professional excellence. He was honored with the Global Kids Achievers Award for the creation of the SCOPE app. His intellectual prowess also earned him a seat in the prestigious Junior CEO program certified by Brown University. Additionally, Saikiran was among the top 100 students across India handpicked by Google for a visit to their office. These achievements were precursors to his later successes as an entrepreneur​.

Saikiran's journey is a testament to his resolve and the impact young minds can have in the entrepreneurial realm. His accolades did not stop at academic achievements; he was recognised as one of the top 100 most powerful personalities in India by GlantorX Media during the Nation’s Choice Awards. Moreover, he was recently nominated as the International Partner for India by the World Business Angel Investment Forum (WBAF), indicating his growing influence in the global entrepreneurial landscape​.

Additional highlights in Saikiran's entrepreneurial voyage encompass his recognition as one of the 11 standout teenage entrepreneurs in India by The Big Red Group, a distinguished edtech entity. His initiative, SCOPE, has attracted backing from eminent Silicon Valley business figures. Outside his enterprise, Saikiran has partaken in live dialogues with assorted industry magnates and earned spots in esteemed programs, like a summons from Tim Draper to Draper University in Palo Alto, along with an endorsement from Microsoft for Startups' Founder’s Hub to escalate the SCOPE App.

Saikiran's story is an inspiring narrative of youthful enterprise, manifesting the possibilities that arise when determination meets opportunity. Through SCOPE, Saikiran continues to foster a conducive environment for emerging entrepreneurs, thus contributing positively to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India and beyond.