Mystery in Kerala: AI Cameras Capture 'Ghost' Passengers in Vehicles

AI traffic cams in Kerala capture images of unseen passengers, mystifying locals and sparking widespread debates about potential technology glitches

Mystery in Kerala: AI Cameras Capture 'Ghost' Passengers in Vehicles

Tuesday November 14, 2023,

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In a baffling turn of events, AI traffic cameras in Kerala have been at the center of a peculiar mystery. These high-tech cameras, initially installed to enhance road safety and enforce traffic regulations, are now capturing images that are stirring up widespread intrigue and concern.

The most recent case involves Meethale Kunnath Ali, a mineral water distributor from Kadavathur, near Panoor. Ali received a surprising challan (fine) from the Motor Vehicles Department for not wearing a seat belt while driving his Toyota Glanza. However, the shock came when he saw the accompanying image. It showed a woman seated next to him in the car – a woman he claims he has never seen before.

This incident is not isolated. It closely follows another peculiar case in Payyannur, Kannur district, where an AI camera issued a similar challan to a Maruti 800 driver. In that instance, the camera mysteriously replaced the image of children in the back seat with that of a woman. The department later attributed this to a technical glitch where one image overlapped another.

Ali, who insists he was alone in the car and not even on the route mentioned in the challan on the specified date, expressed his bewilderment. He told The New Indian Express, “The car in the image is mine, but I have no knowledge of the woman in the visual.” Despite his confusion, Ali has agreed to pay the fine for the seat belt violation but remains adamant about getting an explanation for the mysterious passenger.

The Motor Vehicles Department, equally perplexed, has not yet provided a clear answer. The image's nighttime capture adds another layer of mystery to the case. M.C. Sheeba, the enforcement RTO of Kannur, acknowledged the complexity of the situation and stated that they would request Keltron, a state-owned electronics enterprise, to investigate this matter thoroughly.

These incidents have sparked a mix of concern and curiosity among the public, with some online speculations humorously suggesting ghostly presences. While the true cause remains a mystery, the Motor Vehicles Department is keen on resolving these technological anomalies to restore trust in their AI-based enforcement system.

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