Chaabi: The WhatsApp-Based Upskilling Tool for India's Blue-Collar Workforce

Chaabi leverages WhatsApp to upskill India's blue-collar workforce using AI in vernacular languages, revolutionizing traditional training

Chaabi: The WhatsApp-Based Upskilling Tool for India's Blue-Collar Workforce

Wednesday November 01, 2023,

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In the vibrant landscape of Indian startups, Chaabi emerges as a distinct player with a mission to redefine blue-collar workforce upskilling. Founded in Gurgaon in 2022, this HRTECH company has chosen a road less traveled: it aims to bring learning to where the workers are, rather than bringing workers to the learning. Chaabi's vision is to bridge the gap between the skill levels of the workforce and the expectations of employers by leveraging technology to create a learning platform that is both accessible and engaging for India’s blue-collar workers.

Puneet Dhiman, the founder of Chaabi, is no stranger to the world of impactful innovation. With a robust background that includes an engineering degree and an MBA in Marketing, alongside a rich 12-year tenure in marketing and strategy with firms like Shiprocket and Google, Dhiman stands as a visionary driving Chaabi's mission. His own journey, marked by a blend of humble beginnings and high corporate achievements, reflects the company’s ethos - that skills when nurtured, can help individuals transcend their present circumstances.

"I, hailing from a humble background, firmly believe that job-ready skills are the gateway to long-term success," Puneet remarks.

What sets Chaabi apart is its use of WhatsApp as a channel for delivering training. The familiar interface of WhatsApp removes the barrier of adapting to new technology, thus fostering an environment where the training feels less like a mandate and more like a part of everyday life. Furthermore, the AI-powered content in over ten vernacular languages means that the learning is deeply personalized and culturally resonant, increasing engagement and completion rates significantly.

The platform's unique approach is disruptive by nature. By utilizing the most common communication medium and integrating features like gamification, Chaabi is not just a learning platform but a catalyst for creating a skilled workforce ready to meet the demands of the modern job market.

Anecdotes from Chaabi’s journey highlight the resonance of its mission, as Dhiman recounts, "We have seen industry stalwarts take significant pay cuts to join us, driven by the desire to contribute to the betterment of our workforce. This speaks volumes about the pressing need for the solutions Chaabi is offering."

Looking ahead, Chaabi envisions becoming the first AI-powered training and upskilling platform that is not just functional but truly effective for India's blue-collar workforce. The goal is to harness the latest in AI, ML, AR, and VR to create a comprehensive super-upskilling platform.

From early observations, Dhiman learned the transformative power of teaching in vernacular language, noting the marked improvement in comprehension when common business terms were translated into local dialects. This insight has been instrumental in shaping Chaabi’s offerings.

Chaabi’s journey has not been without challenges. Initially bootstrapped, the company had to innovate rapidly and create a niche to compete effectively. Their revenue-first strategy ensured an early income stream, allowing for reinvestment in talent and product development, thus fostering a culture of continuous innovation and learning.

The story of Chaabi is more than just a narrative of a startup's growth; it's a testament to the potential of innovation when applied with empathy and understanding to the needs of a vast yet often overlooked segment of the workforce. As Chaabi continues to expand its reach, it stands as a beacon of hope for millions, symbolizing the power of technology to empower and uplift.

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