Revolutionising global trade: How Shiprocket empowers Indian brands to conquer international markets

Founded in 2017, Shiprocket offers Indian businesses streamlined logistics and strategic partnerships, making international expansion easy and efficient.

Revolutionising global trade: How Shiprocket empowers Indian brands to conquer international markets

Saturday December 16, 2023,

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With global commerce evolving continually, Indian brands are gearing up to make their mark on the international stage. As the world witnesses the rapid expansion of ecommerce, the spotlight is on platforms that facilitate seamless global trade. Shiprocket emerges as a game-changer with its product - ShiprocketX - providing a robust ecosystem for MSMEs to navigate the complexities of international markets and take their products to a global audience.

With monthly shipments in global deliveries increasing exponentially from 17,000 to a whopping 100,000+ in a single year, Shiprocket’s journey has been extraordinary. The surge signifies not only growth in numbers; it underscores the platform's efficacy in driving international expansion and is a collective stride towards making Indian brands globally competitive.

Over 2,500 merchants have successfully embraced the world market with Shiprocket. These success stories, etched across various industries, resonate with the platform's ability to empower businesses of all scales, fostering a diverse ecosystem of global trade.

Empowering sellers: A testimonial tale from Bookswagon

The journey of Shubham Jain, Founder and Director of Bookswagon, an online bookstore, with Shiprocket is a testament to how a robust logistics partner can redefine the trajectory of a business. From transparent shipping rates to streamlined customs compliance, Shiprocket played a pivotal role in Bookswagon's international expansion.

One of the significant challenges Bookswagon faced was opacity of shipping costs. Shiprocket addressed this head-on, providing a transparent breakdown of charges related to foreign shipments. This transparency not only empowered the business but also instilled confidence in consumers, who could now comprehend the entire cost of their purchases.

The international shipping landscape is fraught with complexities, from diverse regulations to varied compliance standards. “Shiprocket provided us with advice on international shipping laws and compliance standards, which enabled our company to successfully manage the challenges posed by cross-border shipments. It has also enabled us to expand our reach internationally and grow steadily and confidently,” said Shubham Jain, Founder, Bookswagon.

Strategic integrations and market trends

Shiprocket's strategic integration with India Post, the world's largest postal network, is a significant milestone. This collaboration provides local Indian businesses access to India Post's comprehensive international shipping services. The incorporation of India Post's services, including Registered Letters, ITPS, EMS, and International Air Parcel, amplifies the company’s global reach.

The global appetite for 'Made in India' products is on the rise, with significant demand observed in sectors like apparel and jewellery from Tier II cities of India. Shiprocket's foresight into these market trends positions it as not just a logistics facilitator but a strategic partner for businesses aiming to capitalise on the international demand for Indian craftsmanship.

But the company isn’t resting on its laurels. Two new launches of ShiprocketX are on the horizon. One of these products aims to assist brands in going global with minimal investment risk, while the other one facilitates transparent door-to-door B2B deliveries via air, without any weight restrictions.

A vision for global dominance

Entering global markets poses challenges for Indian brands, including a lack of awareness in market penetration strategies, hidden shipping costs, compliance issues, and cumbersome documentation requirements. Shiprocket addresses these challenges with end-to-end customer support, 100% order trackability, and minimal documentation requirements, simplifying the global expansion process.

Feedback is the lifeblood of any dynamic platform. Shiprocket actively engages with seller feedback to enhance its services continually. The platform has focused on improving Service Level Agreements (SLAs), crucial for repeat orders in global ecommerce. SLAs have seen a notable improvement, reducing from an average of 8-10 days to a more competitive 6-8 days.

Looking forward, ShiprocketX aims to help make India the biggest export hub. This aligns seamlessly with the Make In India campaign, promoting Indian craftsmen and artisans on a global scale. The platform's future plans revolve around enabling every D2C brand to export internationally with unparalleled ease.

Services, support, and success stories

Shiprocket's services are tailored to meet the unique needs of MSMEs venturing into global markets. Beyond competitive shipping rates, the platform offers end-to-end logistics solutions, including streamlined order processing, real-time tracking, and automated shipping label generation.

The success story of Bookswagon serves as evidence of the tangible benefits experienced by leveraging Shiprocket's global services. Streamlined shipping processes, access to a vast network of shipping carriers, and reliable customer support have translated into increased market penetration, exposure to new customer bases, and enhanced brand loyalty.

Shiprocket is not just a logistics platform but a catalyst for global success for MSMEs in the vibrant landscape of ecommerce. As Indian brands embark on their international journey, it offers not just a service but a partnership in navigating the complexities of global trade.