5 women entrepreneurs revolutionising health and wellness

Discover the stories of five women entrepreneurs reshaping India's health and wellness landscape with innovation, and transformative leadership in diverse industries.

5 women entrepreneurs revolutionising health and wellness

Friday January 19, 2024,

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Amidst the rising tide of gender equality and women's empowerment, the healthcare sector is undergoing a profound transformation spearheaded by women entrepreneurs. These visionary leaders are not only shattering barriers but also challenging norms, propelling innovation, and fostering a more inclusive and women-centric approach to healthcare.

In this dynamic landscape, we shine a spotlight on health startups led by women, poised to set unprecedented records as they revolutionise the industry with their innovative solutions and technologies.

In this feature, we showcase health startups spearheaded by women, poised to set new records and make significant strides.

1. Ritika Jain: Founder, CEO at Nutrabooti

Ritika Jain serves as the Founder and CEO of Nutrabooti, an unparalleled direct-to-consumer (D2C) nutraceutical brand in India, dedicated to enhancing individuals' longevity through healthier living. In her role as the visionary leader, Ritika strategically guides the organisation's upward trajectory, intricately developing innovative product lines and nurturing a dynamic, holistic health ecosystem to drive substantial business growth.

At the core of the brand's mission is the commitment to deliver top-tier products that seamlessly blend the nutritional benefits of pharmaceuticals with the health advantages rooted in ancient medicinal herbs, commonly referred to as jaribootis.

2. Dr Saroj Gupta: Founder, CEO at MyDigiRecords

Dr. Saroj Gupta is the Founder and CEO of MyDigiRecords, a platform that is committed to empowering individuals and enabling them to make informed healthcare decisions by providing them with full control over their health information.

Dr. Saroj comes with a prolific academic background and is committed to revolutionising the way health records are stored and shared digitally.

3. Nupur Jha: Co-founder, COO at Doctor's Choice

Nupur Jha serves as the Co-Founder and COO of Doctor's Choice, a company built on the principle that settling for second best is not an option. Offering international science-backed supplements for diverse needs without compromising on quality, the brand's value proposition centres around a commitment to delivering premium products. Nupur envisions building a brand by athletes, for athletes.

As a trailblazer in the field, Doctor’s Choice has achieved noteworthy milestones, establishing itself as one of the top 5 brands in sports nutrition on Amazon. This recognition underscores the brand's exceptional reputation for customer trust and satisfaction nationwide.

With both online and offline availability, fitness enthusiasts enjoy unparalleled access to Doctor’s Choice products, simplifying and enhancing their fitness journeys.

4. Aarti Gill: Co-founder, CEO at OZiva

Aarti Gill, the Co-founder and CEO of OZiva, combines technical and marketing expertise with a youthful disposition and a fervent commitment to health and fitness.

Aarti's passion for healthier living led to the creation of OZiva, a brand that now empowers millions across the country with its clean, plant-based nutrition. Her visionary leadership has propelled OZiva's ascent, with a remarkable 4x growth in 2020-21 and widespread popularity among consumers of diverse ages and geographies.

With a foundation built on simplicity and well-being, Aarti's strong business acumen and profound consumer understanding have been instrumental in OZiva's significant growth in recent years.

5. Jyoti Dabas: Co-founder at Fittr and CEO at INFS

Jyoti Dabas, the Co-Founder of Fittr, a prominent online fitness and nutrition platform, also serves as the CEO at INFS – India’s largest Online Fitness Certification Institute.

In her role as a founding member, Jyoti is dedicated to maintaining the quality of courses offered by INFS and ensuring the company meets the expectations of stakeholders. Her focus is on increasing the number of qualified Fitness Professionals in the country and creating opportunities for them to earn on par with other service industries.

Beyond her academic achievements, Jyoti, with over seven years of experience in Banking and Consulting in London and India, transitioned to the Fitness Industry, driven by her entrepreneurial spirit.

Her brief tenure with a startup and freelancing in Corporate Wellness paved the way for the establishment of Fittr – the world’s largest online fitness and nutrition community. Drawing on her professional expertise in analytics, critical thinking, problem-solving, consensus building, and team management, Jyoti founded INFS in 2016.

As we conclude this journey through the realms of healthcare innovation, let's salute the remarkable women founders who are not just shaping the future but rewriting the narrative of health and wellness. Their passion, resilience, and visionary leadership are the driving forces behind a more inclusive and dynamic healthcare landscape.

Here's to the women who are not just making history but healing it—may their stories continue to inspire and pave the way for a healthier, more empowered world.